Embroidered Shirts

By Trisha
I had five shirts to hand embroider but I was only able to do three. Two of the shirts were too soft of a material. I did two shirts with a cow on each and one with an elk on it. Here are the pictures of the embroidery close-up.

This cow is white with black spots and tail and orange and yellow flowers

This cute cow is two different shades of brown

This my brown elk with white antlers


The Week Before Christmas

By Trisha
This week before Christmas has been a busy one. I finished all my baking-9 confections in all (iced cinnamon roll cookies, iced pumpkin cookies, peanut butter balls, chocolate truffles, spritz butter cookies, lemon bells, gumdrop fudge, cranberry swirl biscotti and chocolate fruitcake). I know fruitcake...yuck! Before you knock it, you have to try it. This is NOT your ordinary candied, dried fruitcake. It has coconut, chocolate chips, maraschino cherries, canned pineapple, walnuts and pecans. It is soooo good. I was in the kitchen from last Saturday until this Friday when I assembled all the treat trays.

I did most of the Christmas shopping on Wednesday morning and then Jarom and I went back out when he got home and we finished it up-gifts, stocking stuffers, wrapping paper-everything. I even wrapped it all the same day, except for some shirts that I still need to hand embroider. I'm sure I'll finish the shirts tomorrow, after which I can wrap them and I'll be all done with everything.

We delivered the treat trays this evening after I helped make cookies at the neighbors. We missed some of our friends but had a very nice visit with Sydney and we are planning to get together after the New Year. We may just get together for our birthdays.

Late this afternoon, I was at the neighbors. They were supposed to make sugar cookies but Leanne just had so much to do that they weren't going to do it. I didn't have any homemade sugar cookie dough but I did have some store-bought from Pillsbury, so I took it to them, after which I stayed and helped. Leanne rolled out the dough and Madyson cut it with the cookie cutter while I tried to entertain Trenton and keep him from trying to get the cookie dough off the counter. Once they were baked and cooled, Leanne and I frosted them and Madyson decorated them with sprinkles. It was fun.

Tomorrow, we will bathe the dogs. Tuesday, I will wash the dogs bed and blankets and any last minute laundry, pack our bags, the presents and anything else we need for our trip. Wednesday morning, we will hit the road for the 10+ hour road trip home. It is only supposed to be a 10 hour drive, but with the holidays and the fact that we will most likely hit the Portland-Metro area around rush-hour, it will be closer to 12 hours. We'll just have to see how it goes, at least we can share the driving and take turns.

I didn't get our Christmas cards out. They will be going out after Christmas. I really didn't want to fight all the people and traffic to mail them when I mailed the Culpepper gifts. I ended up having the Culpepper gifts picked up here at the house so I didn't get any stamps. I will get them after Christmas and mail them then. I'm sorry, everyone, that they are late!

I'm so excited to have Christmas with my parents and sister! I know I was home last year, but I didn't get to spend Christmas Day with my parents. We arrived the following Saturday. This will be my/our first official Christmas with my parents (on Christmas Day) in nine years. I can't wait!

Merry Christmas, everyone!!

Getting Into the Christmas Spirit

By Trisha
I have had a tough time getting in the holiday spirit this year. I think that finally after 9 years, I am ready to be back home in Oregon living near my parents so that I can do all the shopping, wrapping, baking and decorating with my mama. My mama feels the same way too, as she is feeling the same way I am this year.

We had Jarom's work Christmas party on Monday. It was a much smaller group this year than normal, but that was because the kids are still in school this week so we didn't have all the kids and spouses running around. We had the gift exchange but it is one of those where the gifts can be stolen up to three times. I had some really great gifts too-a really nice BBQ utensil set in a case until it was stolen and froze, then I got a nice Brother Labeler until it was stolen and then I opened a package with about 4 lbs. of chocolate and that is what I ended up with. It is good chocolate though-cabernet dark chocolate wine gels, Russell Stover Pecan Delights, Creme Roule and Ferrero Rocher. I can't remember all the things Jarom had and lost, but her ended up with a numbered Limited Edition Wizard of Oz Pez set.

I completed our Christmas cards Monday evening. It isn't a very elaborate card-very simple but I embossed every single one. That is over 100 cards.

I haven't made any gifts this year, not my annual tree ornament. I have some shirts that I bought for some family members that I'm going to hand embroider this weekend with various little pictures based on their likes. It shouldn't take too long to embroider the shirts. I am looking forward to it and wish I could start them today but I have baking to finish that will most likely take all day.

All of our Christmas shopping is complete, as of last night. I did most of it in the morning but ran out of cash. I passed the afternoon waiting for Jarom to get home from work by wrapping all the gifts that I bought in the morning. When he got home, we ventured back out to hit the last couple of stores to finish the shopping. I had a couple things to buy and print online when we got home. We stopped at Jimboys for dinner. Jarom started to fall asleep sitting on the couch while I was wrapping the rest of the gifts so I sent him to bed. He does have some shopping still to do--for me, but I imagine that he will do that this weekend.

I finished up the wrapping and have caught up on some things on the DVR. The pups and I have been enjoying the warmth of the pellet stove all afternoon and evening. I bought White Christmas yesterday and I really wanted to watch it but I was up and down wrapping and moving gifts to the tree, so I plan to watch it today and this weekend and probably each day next week until we leave to go home for Christmas.

I started my baking on Saturday and I'm still working on getting it all finished. So far, I have the Gumdrop Fudge, Spritz cookies, Chocolate Fruitcake and Cranberry Swirl Biscotti done. My Lemon Bells are baked and ready to be frosted and sprinkled with yellow sugar. I already shaped the truffles and peanut butter balls into balls, so today I will melt the chocolate to dip them in. When all those are dipped, I have pumpkin cookies to bake and frost to be followed by baking the Cinnamon Roll Cookies and glazing them. After all that, I can assemble the treat trays. Two will go to work with Jarom, one for the High Tech and one for the Schaefers. Four other trays will be assembled and delivered to some of our friends in town on Sunday and a final tray to take home and share with my family. Other than the baking and embroidering the shirts, we are all done and ready for Christmas.

I can't wait to head home next week to have Christmas with my parents, sister and brother-in-law. While we were home for Christmas and New Year's last year, I wasn't able to spend Christmas with my parents. We have New Year with them, so this is my first Christmas with my parents in 9 years. Yes, you heard right, 9 years. Can you understand my excitement now? Christmas here we come!

Elk Hunting in Central Oregon

By Trisha
Last Friday, Jarom and drove to Prineville so that he could go elk hunting with his Dad and brothers. It was very cold, although there wasn't much snow. We did get a little dusting while we were there.

It turned out to be a bit more boring for me than planned. I was supposed to use the money that Jenna owed us to do some shopping but since we didn't get it until the following Monday night, so I was able to get absolutely nothing. I did a lot of sitting around reading and watching television. Us girls, did go to Chinese for dinner Friday night since the guys left shortly after Jarom and I arrived.

Saturday afternoon, Carla and I went to the theatre and saw Old Dogs and we had breakfast for dinner and watched Debbie Macomber's Mrs. Miracle on Hallmark and 12 Men of Christmas on Lifetime. I read Mrs. Miracle about 3 or 4 years ago. Old Dogs was an excellent movie! We laughed through the whole thing.

The guys came home Sunday evening in time for dinner, but they didn't have any luck. None of the 9 guys that went on the trip were able to get any elk. They should have had better luck since they were on private property but this year they were either outside the property or too high up that they couldn't get close enough. But, I suppose the more important this was that Jarom was able to have this time with his Dad and brothers.

I was ready to go home though, by the time they all arrived home. I was tired of all the dog hair. It seemed like I inhaled so much I could have coughed up a hairball. The hair was everywhere, the couch, blankets, clothes, my bed, pillows--on everything. Monday we spent the day just sitting around. The temperature dropped to -4 when we went to bed. When we left Tuesday morning is was -8 but as we got further down the road it got down to -30 at one point. SOOOO cold! Just outside of Bend, about a dozen elk crossed the highway right in front of us. It was a beautiful sight.

Thanksgiving Weekend

By Trisha
I can't believe it has been two weeks already since Thanksgiving! Where has the time gone?

We had a nice Thanksgiving and celebrated with my cousin, Sharon and her two girls Cassie and Haley and Sharon's mom, Donna. Sharon and I haven't seen each other since 1989--20 years! We had a wonderful visit.

They arrived Wednesday around 2:30 in the afternoon, while I was baking pies. I made chicken enchiladas for dinner and then while Cassi watched a movie the rest of us girls made these cute little candy turkeys before heading up to bed. I didn't sleep well, so I was up at 4:30am on Turkey Day, so I just started my Monkey Bread for breakfast. Once that was done, I prepped some other dishes and had the turkey in the oven in 8am, did some more dish prepping before heading up to shower and dress at 10am. From that point forward, it was all about getting all the dishes made and ready to put on the table by 2:30 that afternoon.

We all sat and watched the Raiders football game while we ate dinner and dessert. The kids had a lot of fun playing together, as we invited our friends, the Schaefer's to join us. The kids couldn't wait for dessert--they wanted it right after they ate their dinner, but I managed to keep them at bay for an hour and a half. After we got everything cleaned up and put away we all sat and visited and watched Four Christmases.

The rest of our time was spent visiting. Although, I was sad that I didn't get to make the trip with everyone to Old Sacramento on Friday. I was looking forward to the trip, but my back just was not having it after spending two days on my feet in the kitchen for hours on end. We had leftovers for about 4 days. Monday, I made my Grandma's homemade egg noodles and put them in with turkey to make a soup.

It was a great Thanksgiving!

Movie Weekend

By Trisha
It was a rather busy week as we prepare for Thanksgiving and guests to arrive-planning menu's, tracking down recipes, grocery shopping and more grocery shopping for the items I forgot and cleaning. This week, I will be busy with decorating the house and starting a little early on the baking and entertaining guests, but I'm looking forward to it as I will be seeing my cousin, Sharon. We haven't seen each other for 20 years and I finally get to meet her two daughter Cassy and Haley.

Friday afternoon, I went to see New Moon at the theatre. They did a great job on the movie and I'm glad it is following the books closely. However, like the book, the movie was a little slow. Plus, I'm an Edward supporter, even though I love Jacob too, but you got me bought into the vampire thing but now you want to buy into the werewolf thing. Then, I just had trouble with love triangle, I do enjoy the stories and I have come to love all the characters. It just took me a little longer to buy into this part of the story, but the book and the movie were great!

We were supposed to go to the drive-in Friday night to see New Moon but the weather turned and it rained, so Jarom took me to see it at the theatre again, for the 10:10pm show. Jarom said he'd see it with me but after I had already bought my afternoon ticket online, so I saw it twice.

Saturday evening, Jarom took me to the drive-in, as the weather was much better and a little bit warmer. It was still cold and we had to use blankets, but it wasn't rainy. Jarom and I stopped by Wendy's and picked up some dinner to eat once we got there. We picked up some snacks at Safeway too, but had to get some hot cocoa at the drive-in during intermission. We saw The Blind Side and The Box.

I didn't really like the idea of The Box. I didn't care to see, but we were there so I figured we might as well stay and watch it. Neither one of us liked it. Jarom was bored through the entire thing. I not only had trouble with the premise of the movie but as we watched it noticing that only women were presented with this particular decision-no men were presented with it. I don't recommend it.

The Blind Side was the other movie and we both really loved it! There were some times when we got a little teary-eyed, but we laughed quite a bit too. Sandra Bullock is a bulldog and she is really awesome in this movie! Mr. Tim McGraw is almost un-noticeable without his beard and mustache. I think this movie is a MUST SEE and it definitely one that we are going to have to have on DVD when it comes out!

Our other minor activities this weekend were mowing the grass, laundry, watching some of the Christmas movies on television and just relaxing and enjoying each other's company.

October Avtivities

By Trisha
We had a busy October and I have fallen behind once again. I've been trying to be a better housekeeper. I do well for a time and then I slack off and I'm trying not to slack off anymore.

The weather is turning cooler but the sun arrives each morning and it does get a little warm in the house, still. However, this last week we have enjoyed our pellet stove in the evening. Gus seems to be enjoying it too. He just plops right down on his bed and falls asleep as the warm air blows down on him. He is not a fan of the cold-my little sun worshipper. In the mronings he finds a little patch of sun that is streaming through a window and just lays there.

We went to the pumpkin patch last month, but because of the storm we had the week before we did not get to enjoy the fun of the corn maze. It was more than a disappointment. It was a short trip. We went in, picked our pumpkins, paid for them and were gone.

We had the Dane Cook show on the 24th with Robert Kelly opening. Robert was hilarious! Dane was good too, but this particular show isn't my favorite one. There are just too much sex commentary and I didn't find it all that funny. Luckily there is stuff in the show that is not on the album and it made it better. Before the show, there were people going around exchaning regular tickets for front row tickets-a couple was chosen directly behind us. It was kind of a bummer. When Dane came out, he took off his hoodie and through it into the crowd. At the end, he left the arena and came back out about 5 minutes later for another 20 minutes. It was a good show-traffic sucked getting out, though. Jarom and I picked out a beenie for Jenna, Jarom got a long sleeved shirt and I got a sweatshirt.

My Dad and Mom were in Santa Cruz this same weekend for a wedding. I decided to drive down Sunday morning for a short visit and stayed until Monday afternoon when they left for the airport. It was a nice little visit.

The following and last weekend was Halloween and we were back to Santa Cruz. I had a blast. Uncle Dustin and Aunt Tracy's house looked great for the party in daylight and even better at dark. I made a taffy apple salad that tasted like a candied apple, but not much was eaten. I think a lot of people thought it was potato salad-I had a feeling I should have had a little sign telling people what it was. I also make Yummy Mummy Calzones-one veggie and one with turkey pepperoni-they were devoured. Both recipes came out of a Halloween cookbook I have that I have misplaced somewhere-I wanted to put the recipes on my food blog and make the apple salad for Thanksgiving, too.

Coley and Victor were Mario and Luigi. Aunt Teresa and Uncle Paylor were Vikings. Uncel Dustin and Aunt Tracy were a dead bride and groom. Jenna a Pirate, Jarom was Casanove and I was the crazy cat lady. In the costume contest, Coley won third place, Aunt Tracy 2nd and Uncle Paylor 3rd.

Last weekend, Jarom and I moved Jenna back to Prineville. We left Friday morning. I didn't sleep at all Thursday. I was up cleaning and then cooking dinner and baking cookies. I made Oatmeal Cranberry, Chocolate Chip and Iced Pumpkin. I packed up some for us to snack on on the ride as well as a couple containers for the family. We left as 6am and rolled into town just after 2:30pm. There weren't any plans for the weekend so it was nice and relaxing...well until we tried to come home Sunday.

We had a nice little breakfast Sunday and then packed up the truck before heading out. We got to Powell Butte and before I knew it we were pulled over and Jarom was disappearing behind the truck. I went to check on his and the poor guy was tossin' his cookies...so we turned around and went back. He was still tired and not feeling too good but we left Monday, anyway.

We his snow in Bend and it was present all the way to the border. Since I was driving, I was a bit nervous. Having a new truck, I didn't know how it handled in the snow and learning how to use the four wheel drive. It isn't exactly my little all-wheel drive Subaru. All was fine, but it was a long drive.

This week, we have just been trying to get well after this little flu bug. This weekend has been very lowkey and relaxing.

By Trisha
This past weekend we went to Watsonville to visit my aunt and uncle. It was nice, relaxing weekend. We visited for a short while after we got there around 9pm. It shouldn't have taken so long to get there, but we stopped at Casa De Fruta. Jarom wanted some garlic pickles and I got some yummy pistachios and a variety of flavors and some salt water taffy. Then we were stuck in traffic because someone's car caught fire-it was totally gone. I just hope nobody was hurt.

Saturday and Sunday we pretty much just visited, played games and watched movies. Monday we went out to Salinas to the Harley store so Uncle Paylor could look at the bike he wants and get teh 2010 catalog, but they are closed every Monday. Since, we were closy we stopped at the mall to walk around and have lunch. Then it was time to load up the truck and the dogs and head home. We came home to a few presents on our bed-Minnie had pooped and peed on our bed.

I tried to make her an outdoor cat, but she was always quicker than me and ran in before I could get the door closed. Well, then she decided to pee on the couch again and I just had had it last night. I had to chase all over the house and finally had her cornered in Jenna's room which I then put her in the cat carrier for Jarom to surrender her to the SPCA. It has been really hard on me. I feel so heartless, but I've tried everything to break her from the bad habit and nothing has worked. I hope that she can find a new home though and stop her bad habits. I think maybe she needs to be the only kitty in a home.

Monday night brought a big storm that continued into Tuesday. I loved listening to the rain and wind but the storm created quite a mess all around. A tree across the street split into fourths and one of the windows in the kitchen we had fixed last year leaked like a sieve. I had to keep swapping towels out until the rain stopped later in the evening.

Today, I'm just trying to recap on the first section of my CBEST study book and trying not to think of Minnie too much because it just makes me sad.

Service & Shoipping

By Trisha
This past weekend was a busy one. It all started out with me not really sleeping Friday and I was really kind of on edge because I knew we'd have a long day at the High Tech and I didn't want to be dragging all day. Luckily for Jarom and everyone else involved, I kept busy the entire time and didn't have a chance to slow down get real tired.

There was a big conference at the High Tech for family services of the Army and the High Tech was asked to thinka bout providing lunch and coffee for all the attendees. At last year's conference there wasn't coffee, snacks or lunch option. I did the leg work on what brands and prices and figuring out if it would be a feasible project. We talked about serving, hambrugers and hot dogs with chips, cookies and a soda/water, in addition to coffee. By the time the weekend arrived for the conference, they added baked beans, donuts in the morning and candy bars for snacks and the hot dogs were 10" polish dogs. Friday night, Jarom and I cut up tomato and onion for the burgers and chopped onion for the hot dogs. We were at the high tech by 8am and I prepped the lettuce by washing and breaking it down into burger size pieces. Jarom was all about doing this and that, while George and Paul went out to pick up ice for the drinks and Dale ran the breakfast concessions table. I had about 30 minutes of free time at one point but I was quickly back to work getting everything ready and setting up the food table for lunch. We ran two lines, one from each side with Dale and Cindy's dad, Gene taking the money. Cynthia kept the lines going by dishing up the hamburger patties and hot dogs and I was running back forth replenishing the buns and condiments. By the time I finished replenishing both sides, it was time to start the process all over again. Jarom, Paul and George ran the barbeques and running the meat back in.

Lunch was busy but everyone was grateful and kept telling us thank you and what a wonderful job we did. All of us were just getting things cleaned and wrapped up when they main speaker called us all back out to thank you. I was kind of embarrassed, I don't like being put on the spot, even if I am with a group of people. But, we received quite a big standing ovation and it was nice to know that our hard work was appreciated. We got a free lunch out of it and after everything was paid off the High Tech made almost $400. I think Jarom and I finally left around 1:30pm.

We got home and showered and then Jenna and I met Leanne and the kids at Kohl's to take advantage of the big sale and Jenna's associate discount. Leanne was so excited. She loves Kohl's! All I found was one shirt but I had a limit of $100 and Jarom needed a new pair of khakis, underwear and a few shirts. I obught exactly what he asked for, sizes and everything and I heard was the shirt is long sleeve, the pants are too long, the underwear are boxers. I just felt like I was taking one blow after another and that he wasn't grateful that I even looked for him. Leanned got quite a few really cute things and she didn't even spend $80. Everything she found was on clearance in addition to the sales and Jenna's discount. Jenna found some things too. Oh, I found a frame for my Ansel Adams photo that I've had since last Christmas and still hadn't framed. Jaorm and Jenna left right away to go back to Kohl's and exchange everything but the shirt. He thought he'd make it up to me by buying me some new Pyrex, which is nice. Dont' get me wrong, it was anice gesture, but I think I would have rather had the money to go somewhere else to look for new shirts like Target. However, I have put that new Pyrex-ware to good use since I got it on Saturday.

On Sunday, we were kind of lazy. We didn't do much, but I was still really tired as I didn't really sleep again Saturday night. I was going on 48+ hours of now sleep. Jarom worked on reorganizing all my kitchen cabinets. I made sirloin steak with Moroccan onions and after getting all cleaned up I headed out to the grocery store. It's always easier to go really early in the morning or late at night. I don't have to deal with the crowds that way and I don't feel rushed to find exactly what I want.

We dont' have much planned this weekend, but I think we should do something like bowling or Apple Hill, something. I guess we'll just have to wait and see how the week goes and what the weekend brings.

New Truck!

By Trisha
We haven't been up to too much but hanging out and I have been cooking and baking a lot. I have always enjoyed cooking and baking since a young age, but I am rediscovering since my depression. I'm not afraid to try new things, so I have been cooking a lot of different things-recipes that I find in my magazines (Everyday Food, Martha Stewart Living, Real Simple and Cooking Pleasures).

Since I started my food/recipe blog in July, I have been keeping it up with all the new and what I think are exciting recipes that I fix for my family...and neighbors on occasion. I haven't been so good about taking pictures in the last few weeks of everything but that is because I carry the camera to and fro so it isn't always there when I need it.

Last Thursday, Jarom and I went to the visit the Roseville Auto Mall, leaving at 5pm not ot return until after 10pm. We ended up looking at some full-size trucks and test driving a couple Dodges. We came home with a Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 truck almost fully-loaded with the off-road package. It is new used, a 2003. There wasn't much there to look at in any of the dealerships that were four wheel drive. Most everything was two wheel drive, but this is a very nice looking truck with low miles. It is a beautiful blue color. Finally, after almost of 11 years we have graduated from little pick-ups to a big boy pick-up. The room is nice since we got the crew cab. We will have to get some running boards. The exhaust is starting to rust so we have to think about doing that at some point, but considering the price, I'm fine with that. We got this truck for a little more than what we paid for the S-10 six years ago.

Jarom's New Toy

This afternoon, we hung out with the neighbors and I played with Madison and Trenton. Tranton kept running down the driveway wanting to go into the street so we turned it into a game running on opposite ends of the truck. When he'd get near the end he'd see me and just laugh. It was a workout but a lot of fun. At one point I was istting on the ground and Miss Madison came running up and jumped on me. SHe caught me off guard and I fell all the way backward. I thought I'd cuaght myself and then my wrist gave out and I want all the way back. I just had to laugh, but I'm paying for it a bit this evening with a bit of a stiff back. Jarom cut up some watermelon and borugh it out. Trenton was in heaven with it and got upset when the leftover rind was taken away from him. When he opened his eyes he saw that there was another piece there waiting for him and he was happy again.

I had a nice time making dinner because Jarom helped me. I had him fry up the left over potatoes from Saturday's Fish & Chips dinner while I put together the Zucchini Ribbon Pasta and prepared the pork for the BBQ. After the potatoes were done, Jarom put the pork on the grill. He helped me clean up after dinner too and then he got the dry ingredients mixed together in a bowl for my Banana Trail Mix muffins.

Front End

Passenger Side

Driver's Side

By Trisha
I can't believe it's been almost two months since my last entry. We haven't been all that busy, but I somehow haven't found the time to update everyone. Summer is almost over, but I'm quite positive that our very warm summer weather will be sticking around for awhile. We just can't seem to get out of the 90's and 100's. It is just awful miserable.

We started August off with a beautiful wedding. Aunt Tracy and Uncle Dustin were married on August 8th in their backyard and it was just beautiful. I still can't believe they got everyone back there but they did and it was comfortable. It was nice to have a mini family reunion, too. Aunt Tracy look so pretty in her wedding dress as did Aunt Teresa and Coley in their bridesmaid dresses. The food was absolutley delicious-kahlua pork, rice, salads, rolls, chicken skewers, and so much more that I can't even remember. They have four different cakes for thier wedding cake-chocolate chocolate, cheesecake, carrot cake and I think the other was lemon, I can't remember.

My gift and Jarom's as well as Tiff & Steve's gift to them is going to be a quilt when I get it finished. It is going to be pretty big-bigger than anything that I have ever made. I picked up some white 100% cotton fabric and cut them into squares. I cut 60 squares, so I'd have enough for everyone. I picked up some oil pastels and at the wedding went from table to table telling everyone what I was doing and asked them to help me out. Each person or couple, however they wanted to do it, designed a square to add to the quilt. I have 43 squares, all designed by wedding guests with messages, pictures whatever they felt inspired to do. Since it is an uneven number and some are only half the square, I'm going to pick a few pictures from the wedding that family took and print them on fabric to include in the quilt. I have quite a variety of fabric quarters in design and color that I am incorporating into the quilt along with some tropical/Hawaiian fabrics (the groom and groomsmen wor Hawaiian shirt with khakis). I'm really excited about it. I can't wait until it is done. I'm trying to remember to take pictures as I go too. Once all the squares are sewn together, I will go pick out a fabric for the packing. I think I'm sold on this pale yellow with little hearts on it, but we will see.

In case your wondering, to get the oil pastels to set without rubbing or washing out-you place a piece of regular white paper over the top of the fabric that is drawn on. Set your iron on the cotton setting, no steam and place it on top of the paper. Hold it there for about 10 seconds, pick up the iron and move to the next spot until you covered the entire drawn image. Be careful not to glide the iron over the paper, this can smudge the unset pastel image. Yes, after the wedding, we went back to our hotel room and ironed each square. I didn't want to risk them being smudged and ruined on the way home.

The week after the wedding I fixed a week's worth of meals for us and our neighbors. Leanne, had to have an emergency hysterectomy for possible cervical cancer and I really wanted to do something. Something that would help them out and take a little stress off them. She had the procedure Friday afternoon and was back to work on Monday, she was even doing a light workout at the gym, but despite all that I still wanted to help out. I did a Greek night complete with gyros, tahziki, karbohnahrah and pohtahtas; chicken rolls another night, citrus pork chops, mini Guam feast and oh, I can't remember the other one. I even did desserts-glazed tropical fruit salad, pineapple-cranberry minis, individual baked alaskas, chocolate malt shoppe ice cream pie and chocolate cherry cheesecake. I just love cooking and now that there is more than just me and Jarom, it doesn't go to waste and Wallace said that he would never refuse a meal.

Since then, we have been doing some cleaning and more cooking of course. I'm not afraid to try anything. Last week, I had a bit of a rough week. I was so tired and spent most of the week in bed. I don't know if it was allergies or a sinus infection trying to latch on but all the rest helped me kick its rear. :o) I did some research for Jarom as far as pricing items and whether or not it would be worth the money and time to run a snack shack on 9/26 for a conference being held at the high tech. It would be well worth it and they are expecting about 160 people, so we are doing coffee in the morning and a lunch plate in the afternoon. I said I would help and if Jenna doesn't have to work we are going to try to recruit her. We are going to BBQ hot dogs and hamburger and included with the plate will be chipc, cookies and a soda. It took some time to track down everything and them I had to list the price and quantity in everything and piece price everything and figure out what the plates would cost us to put together and discuss a price to charge. At $3 a plate they would make their money back plus another $1.50.

This weekend, we don't have plans but I might help our Wallace and Leanne by watching Madison and Trenton for awhile. I'm excited to spend time with the kids. They are so cute!

Last weekend, Jarom and Jenna went to a double feature and the drive-in. They saw Funny People and Inglorious Bastards. I didn't want to see Funny People and it's a good thing. Jarom said it was pretty lame and he wasn't very impressed with Inglorious Bastards. Sunday evening, after dinner, the three of us had a game night with Scattergories and Cribbage. Last night, we got in some exercise with some bowling. At the end of October, we are going to go see Dane Cook live at Arco Arena. I'm really excited for that. I've been wanting to see him for a few years now.

It sure seems like we have been really busy and up to stuff, but we really haven't. The dogs are good and just thier fun selves. Hope and Minnie play a lot. Minnie has rediscovered one of her toys-the circle with the ball in the middle. She plays with it a little during the day and most of the evening if her and Hope aren't chasing each other.

I do hope everyone has had a great summer and Happy New School Year!

My Weekend In Watsonville

By Trisha
I was so excited to go to Watsonville for the weekend to celebrate Uncle Paylor's and Coley's birthdays, but I went alone. Jarom went camping; a trip he has had planned for months and Jenna had to work so she had to stay behind. Although I was alone, I had a great time as I always do.

I left at 3pm Friday afternoon and what should have taken no more than two and a half hours took me almost four to get where I was going. Once, I could get off 805, I headed through Gilroy to bypass all the traffic. Poor Uncle Paylor was starving by the time I got there after 6:30pm. I didn't mean for them to hold dinner for me, but they did and we had grilled chicken and green salad. We watched Ghost Whisperer and then Knowing, before we all turned in for the night.

All the festivities started around 3pm. We had chips and dips plus fruit and chocolate fondue as snackies before dinner. Fondue is definitely something I need to do sometime. We had dinner about 6pm and we had salad, veggie kebabs, teriyaki skirt steak and potato salad. Dessert was delicious...there were 3! Chocolate swirl cheesecake, carrot cake and chocolate chocolate cake were present and accounted for. So yummy!

We visited around our little bon fire until about 11pm before everyone started to head home. There was a lot of laughing and it was just an all around great time.

I left Sunday around 3pm to head back home and traffic was slow on 17 until I got to 205, so it was about 6pm before I got home. I was run off the road passing throuhg Stockton. The guy didn't signal or look, he just started coming over. I was lucky that there wasn't a lane or guard rail on my left side or I'd have been toast. It was really freaky.

I got home to a quiet house; both Jarom and Jenna were both sleeping, so i put my stuff away and came down stairs to catch up on the shows that I missed.

It was a nice weekend and I had fun.

Trip Home & Jenna's Birthday

By Trisha
Friday afternoon, Jenna and I drove up to Oregon for a quick weekend trip. Jenna had a wedding and since she didn't have to work wanted to attend. I made a promise to my mother-in-law that I would make sure she got up there safely. After dropping Jenna off in Prineville I continued on to Troutdale to my parents' home.

Saturday while Jenna attended her wedding in Prineville, I was helping and showing my mom how to use her Cricket machine. We had fun playing with the different settings and now I'm completely sold on having one, the one that will cut fabric so that I can applique items onto quilt and pillows, etc. I was able to see my Aunt Stephanie, who I haven't seen for about 4 or 5 years. It was just a quiet and relaxed weekend for me, until Sunday morning when I left to drive back over the Mt. Hood to Prineville to get Jenna. We left Prineville around noon and hit the border about 4pm where we learned that they just closed Hwy. 97, 5 miles south of Macdoel because of a fire. Jenna and I had been watching the fire grow as we got closer. We drove down to the where they were turning people around and told we could wait it out, but we decided to go back across the border to hit the Lake of the Woods Hwy which eventually leads to Hwy. 160. Hwy 160 connected us to Hwy. 62 into Medford and from there we were able to hit I-5. It added four hours to our drive and we didn't get in until 11:30pm, but it was beautiful and an adventure. We noticed as we drove back over the border that you could see the fire from I-5 and it was even bigger. We even saw the copter that was dumping water come back for a refill. He are a couple pictures I took just after we were turned around:

It turns out that, I was glad we didn't wait it out. Jarom came home from work Monday and told me that the highway still shut down.

Monday was Jenna's 19th birthday and she had a couple friends over to swim in the pool and have some cake and ice cream cake. Yes, there were two cakes. I made her favorite rainbow chip cake with rainbow chip frosting, plus we picked up a chocolate fudge crunch ice cream cake from Baskin & Robbins. I didn't do a very good job, but I managed to write "Happy Birthday Jenna" on the ice cream cake.

Next month, we are going to treat her for her birthday, a little late, but just coming back from a trip to Oregon we needed to wait. Next month, we have it planned to go out to Roseville to Golfland Sunsplash for a round of evening miniature golf at 5pm and the enjoy a night slide that starts at 7pm.

Ice Cream Cake with Colored Flame candles and a Singing Candle

This weekend, I'm headed down to Watsonville to celebrate some more family July birthday while Jarom goes camping with some friends up at Meadow Lake. Jenna wanted to go to Watsonville with me but she has to work this weekend, so she has to stay home. She really want to go down the the Santa Cruz Boardwalk and the beach, so she is a little bummed, but I told her there will be plenty of time and opportunity to do that, so she gets the house all to her self.

Jessica Harp Live Performance

By Trisha
Tuesday morning, Jarom called into 105.1 FM KNCI for to win dinner at Morton's Steakhouse with a live performance of new solo recording artist, Jessica Harp. The radio station was taking callers 9 and 10. He let the phone buzz and buzz with the busy signal, about to hang up when it started to ring and well, he WON!

Our prize was dinner for two, that night, at Morton's Steakhouse in downtown Sacramento. Jessica Harp is a new solo recording artist that already has a top 20 Billboards Hot Country Song song with "Boy Like Me". She used to be part of the singing duo with Michelle Branch that made up The Wreckers.

Neither Jarom or I have ever been to Morton's until Tuesday, so I looked it up. I remember hearing about it and thinking it was a more upscale fancy restaurant, to our standards, and I was right. From what little I could see for pricing it was expensive, too. I decided I would wear a nice summer light skirt, so I picked my white one with my teal green baby doll top and white tank top underneath. I didn't expect Jarom to wear a suit and tie, but I did expect Dockers and a button up shirt. He wore jeans and a button up shirt. When we walked in a 6:30pm, everyone was in suits and ties, but they ushered us to the patio outside in the 100 degree heat for our fare. It was actually nice outside, once the sun started to go down and there was a nice, refreshing breeze, too. It was a relief to see that we were dressed nicer than most of the other winners.

There were 10 other winners, each with a guest and we were the last to arrive, but we had a nice time. Our meal was several platters of "Bar Bites" from the bar that just kept on coming. Jarom and I were the only ones at our table and there was a lot of leftover food, but we couldn't eat it all. I wish I had taken several pictures of our food-it all looked so yummy and it was. I enjoyed all of it and I'm a picky eater, but I ate crab and blue cheese. I was able to find a few pictures on thier website, though, at www.mortons.com.

Immediately, we were each give a swag bag. In it was a t-shirt, pen (that lights up) and key chain that has a bottle opener and flashlight.

This is a list of all the food that they brought us:
-Miniature Crab Cakes with Mustard Mayonnaise
-Chicken Goujonettes with Mustard Mayonnaise, these are crispy fried little chicken bites.
-Prime Cheeseburgers with lettuce, tomato and purple onion

-Iceburg Wedge Bites with tomato, egg, bacon and blue cheese
-Jumbo Lump Crab, Spinach and Artichoke Dip with French Bread Croutons (So Yummy!)

-Blue Cheese French Fries with blue cheese, red pepper flakes and chive (Not my favorite, in fact this was the only dish I didn't really care for)
-Petite Filet Mignon Sandwiches with Mustard Mayonnaise

Jessica soon came out with her two bandmates and started to play her set. Her CD will be released in September. She played 3 or 4 songs from her album, and "Leave The Pieces" that she sang and produced with Michelle Branch as part of The Wreckers. When she played "Have You ever Seen the Rain" written and performed by John Fogerty (it was first performed by Creedence Clearwater Revival in 1970 on their album the Pendulum) everyone sang along. Jessica's music is great and she has a beautiufl voice.

Jessica played and sang 7 or 8 songs and then for anyone who wished to have them, she autographed photos and our KNCI t-shirts and took photos with us. I got an autographed picture and had her autograph my shirt, too, and then Jarom took a couple photos of the two of us. She was very nice and I really hope that she rockets to the top and that we see a lot more of her.

Jessica autographing my photo

Jessica Harp and Me

We left the restaurant around 8pm and walked back to Macy's to the parking garage where we parked the car. We weren't exactly sure where it was and my navigation system said we arrived at our location, when in actuality we still had to go another street down, so we parked a bit of a ways away. It was a nice walk except for the heat and my feet being swollen so my sandal heels were hurting my feet. I even have a little blister on the side of my left big toe. Had we known exactly where it was we would have seen that they had valet parking for $5. Oh well. Besides parking, all we had to pay for was our drinks. Jarom had a coke and I tried the Veuve Clicquot, Rose, Brut champagne. It was okay, but not as sweet as I like. I was hoping they would serve us dessert, because their Hot Chocolate cake and cheesecake looked fantastic! Oh well.

I had a sweet tooth on the way home, so we stopped at Baskin & Robbins down the street from the house before going home. It was $1 Tuesday Scoop Night, too, but only Jarom's was $1. He got a sugar cone with vanilla soft serve ice cream. I, on the other hand, decided I wanted a 'blizzard" which is called a "31 Below" at B&R with butterfinger. YUMMY!

It was a really nice evening. We both really enjoyed ourselves. Jarom and I haven't been doing well when it comes to going on a date together, for some time now, so this was a very nice date with my wonderful husband.

Thank you, Baby, for a really great night! I love you!

Really, One Last Post Today

By Trisha
Just real quick...I just added a button to both blogs. They are for wonderful baby blankets made by my friend, Natalie. I can assure you they are of the highest quality and you WILL want to have one not just for your babies but all the babies in your life.

Just click on the button and it will take you right to her page to choose the pattern/fabric combination you want and order your blankies today. And yes, that cutie on the page is her youngest, Madison.

One More Today

By Trisha
Just one more quick post today.

I started a second blog. I quit doing my other helpful hints blog becuase I had a hard time keeping up with it. Well, here I am with a second blog again. Anyway, this is a lbog dedicated to the recipes of the foods I make for my family and friends. I have several that come from recipe books that I will cite accordingly and several from family. As often as possible, I will include pictures of the foods. That will be the tricky part, because I don't really make a habit of taking pictures of my food.

With that siad, you can find this new blog at: http://deathbygoodfood.blogspot.com/.

As of early this morning, when I couldn't sleep, I posted the welcome message and four recipes that I made this weekend. Enjoy!

Fourth of July

By Trisha
I can't believe the holiday has come and gone already. It was a far better one than last year, when Jarom and I were on seperate coasts and our street was very quiet. This year, a much livelier picture was painted for us. Most of the day, it was quiet, just hanging around the house. I made my Aunt Michelle's chicken rolls and black bottom cupcakes-a cream cheese filled chocolate cupcake.

Around 7pm, half of our cul-de-sac came together to share in the fireworks show. I broght out some cupcakes to share as the kids twirled sparklers until it was dar enough to watch the big show. Jarom brought out chimanea out to the driveway from the back and some chairs. The Subletts to our left (looking at the house) had a houseful that all came out and the new neighbors across the street came out with thier 4 children, too. The neighbors to our right set off thiers on the side of the house, which we has to watch closely so as they didn't set our house on fire.

We didn't buy any fireworks but there was plenty betweent he neighbors to wathc quite a show. We had our very own fire thrower, or in this case fireworks thrower. I know, it is dangerous, but it was quite a show and he was very cautious. After all the fireworks were done, we made s'mores and passed them around to everyone who wanted one. It was all over by 10:30 and we were in bed by 11pm.

Fathers & Daughters with Sparklers

Fireworks on the Ironing Board

Girlfriends Smile for the Camera-Destiny, Shannon & Madison

Fireworks Thrower

Jarom & Jenna

LeeAnn & Wallace

LeeAnn with her Mom & Aunt

S'Mores Time

If You Ever Need A Gift Idea

By Trisha
My newest edition of the Barbie Collector Catalog came in the mail last and I just had the chance to sit down and look through. This is a never a good idea because I'm such a Barbie Fan and I always end up wanting just about the entire contents of the catalog to add to my collection. This time is no different. It is times like this where I wish I had an endless supply of money of worked for Mattel with a really great discount so that I could afford these beautiful dolls. The monetary total this time comes to just under $794! And that doesn't even include tax or shipping and handling.

My favorites you ask? Well, did you just set yourself up. :o)

1. 2009 Holiday Barbie, pg. 5, $44.95

2. Original Teenage Fashion Model Babrie (1959), pg. 11, $39.95; 2nd reproduction/
50th Anniversary (My mom and dad had an original that belonged to my Great Grandma Marney. She used it make barbie clothes for my mom and aunts. One day it will be mine, but I still want this one, too.)

3. Brunette Bubble Cut Barbie (1962), pg.11, $39.95; 2nd reprodcution/50th Anniversary

4. Twist 'N' Turn Barbie (1967), pg. 12-13, $39.95; 2nd reproduction/50th Anniversary

5. Malibu Barbie (1971), pg. 12-13, $39.95; 2nd reproduction/50th Anniversary

6. Superstar Barbie (1977), pg. 12-13 $39.95; 2nd Reproduction/50th Anniversary

7. Barbie and the Rockers Barbie (1986), pg. 12-13, $39.95; 2nd reproduction/50th Anniversary--(I have this one, of course she is no longer in her box or original outfit becuase I played with her all the time. However, I do still have the original outfit in a bag full of other Barbie fashions I've accumulated over the years of my adolescents.)

8. Hershey's Barbie, pg. 14, $43.00; Silver Label (This one is for my great love of chocolate! :o))

9. Harley-Davidson Barbie, pg. 19, $44.95; Pink Label (I think this is ones I want the most! Including any and all ethnic Barbie dolls. So Mom, Dad, if you are reading this could you go to the Barbie Fan Club site, get a membership and buy me this doll for Christmas??? Pleeeeaaaassseeee!?!?! She has three stars next to her in my catalog, by the way.)

10. Empress of the Golden Blossom Barbie, pg. 22-23, $150; Gold Label (She is so gorgeous! There was one in the past year of so that is similar and I would love to have both! But I don't know if the other one is available anymore.)

11. Scarlet Macaw Barbie, pg. 22-23, $100; Gold Label

12. Babrie as Aphrodite, pg. 22-23, $114.96; Gold Label

13. Amazonia Barbie, back cover, $26.99: Pink Label

14. France Barbie, back cover, $26.99; Pink Label

15. Scotland Barbie, back cover, $26.99; Pink Label

16. Barbie as Goldie Hawn, pg. 14-15, $44.95; Black Label

Now you want to knwo what the color labels mean, right? Well, it is a way that Mattel has classified thier Barbie dolls.

Pink Label-Anywhere that Barbie is sold you can find these dolls and it is an "invitation to collecting".

Silver Label-less than 50,000 dolls produced in the world.

Gold Label-25,000 or less produced in the world and may be available at certain selected retailers. These dolls are also numbered.

Platinum Label-less than 1000 produced worldwide and they are numbers in sequence and may be available at certain select retailers.

Black Label-these dolls are made specifically for the adult collector because of the contents of thier clothing or little there of or other factors like body art.

I have many pink and silver labels, 5 or so gold, maybe one platinum but I'm not positive and currently no black labels. There aren't too many black lable Barbies, though. The Cher doll was the most recent black label doll, but I'm not such a big fan that I had to have her. The Goldie Hawn doll is a black label because she is fashioned after the go=go dancer she portrayed in the segment in Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In "The Mod, Mod World". I love Goldie Hwan. She is hilarious and just has this magnetic personality, I think.

Okay, so now you know, if you didn't already, that I'm a major diehard Barbie fanatic and collector. I think I have about 50 collector dolls already and I got my first Hard Rock Cafe doll a couple years ago. Each year they have a new one. I think I have the 2007 one, so I need another one of those again. They are available at any Hard Rock Cafe souvenir store. :o)

I"ve rambles on enough about that, I think. I'm sorry if I bored you, but I had to get it off my chest. :o)

I can't believe it, I didn't post anything for weeks and all of a sudden I have a post two days in a row. Go figure.

A Miserable Week

By Trisha
It has been a strange week in that there have been quite a few celebrity deaths. Tuesday morning, I read the news and Ed McMahon had passed away. I knew he had been ill for some time. I remember watching him on "Star Search" and the Publisher's Clearning House commercials growing up, but that is about as much as I remember about him. It wasn't until I read about his death that I learned about his work with Johnny Carson. He had quite a career.

Wednesday, my body decided to catch Jenna's cold that transformed into a sinus infection. A really bad sinus infection. It has made the last few days miserable. I've sturggled with breathing, headaches, horrible sinus pressure and a sore throat that turned into an ear infection. I have been loading up on Day/Niquil for the cold and Tylenol Sinus for the sinus infection, along with orange juice and chicken noodle soup. I have drank a whole gallon of orange juice in two days. The last day or so, it has been eaiser to breathe and I have been sleeping a lot. i'm trying to be sure to be sure I use a lot of steam to break up the mucus.

Thursday afternoon, when Jarom returned home from work, he told me that both Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson had died. I wasn't very surprised at Farrah Fawcett's death with her battle with cancer. I had hoped she would pull through and the cancer would go into remission, but even that was a small glimmer. Today, they are running Charlie's Angels reruns in honor of her on WGN. As far as Michael Jackson goes, I don't know. It just didn't ignite a spark at all. I wasn't saddened, but I wasn't surprised. I don't know what I felt, I don't think I felt anything. He had some great music during my adolescent years, but he was just weird. I feel for his chicldren, though, they are so young. And, I'm so tired of hearing about him. Enough already.

Friday night, Jarom and Jenna went to see "Transformers", but returned home 20 minutes after leaving because of the line. Last night they tried again. Turns out the line wasn't for getting tickets, it was the line of people waiting to get their seats. They thought is pretty good. I didn't go because I just still don't feel well, but at least I'm starting to sneeze and cough some, which is helping to break everything up. They said it was a pretty good movie.

This afternoon when I emerged from our room, Jarom told me that Billy Mays died. Even though he can be annoying, it was a shock. Jarom and I enjoiy watching "Pitchmen" with him and Sulley what-his-name.

Once again, there is not much going on here. We've had tripple digit heat with 107 yesterday and with this miserable heat I'm fighting this miserable sinus infection. We are just such an exciting little group of people.

Flowers, Hummingbirds & Wood Work

By Trisha
It is has pretty much uneventful around here lately.

I'm on a new anti-depressant and just waiting for it to build up in my system so I can see the difference. For the most part I'm sleeping a lot. It is hard to not be on anything to starting a new medication and waiting for it to build up and start working. But, Jarom has been sleeping a lot, too, when he gets home from work and on weekends. However, since I have been sleeping so much, I actually never went to bed last night and I'm really going to try to stay busy today and not nap, so that I can go to bed at a normal hour and get on a good schedule again.

This morning, when I went out to water my plants, a little hummingbird came to visit only I didn't know it until I turned around. Upon my turning around he flew up into the tree.

One of our little hummingbirds

My plan today: blog, paint my toe and finger nails, cookie dough to freeze for another time and I just may bake a batch of oatmeal cranberry cookies for Jarom. Also, make a few dinners to eat this week and freeze for later. Keep you finger crossed I can stay awake and get it all done.

Jarom and Jenna have been working on the lattice work in the backyard. They are replacing some boards and lattice and painting the new one white. Jarom cleared it with the manager and we can take whatever money it costs out of our payment as long as we include the receipts. They did the same thing last month when Jarom found some broken sprinklers. I think they allow us to do it because Jarom knows how, plus it saves them money because they don't have to pay someone to do the labor on top of whatever they need to fix the problem.

We did have an awesome thunder and lightning storm. The thunder was really booming and the lightning was like flash bombs going off in the sky. They were bright and lit up the sky and the dark house. It was pretty cool, even if it was 3am. I love a good thunderstorm any time!

We have been spoiling the dogs a lot. We haven't been putting up the baby gate on the stairs to keep them downstairs, so they have been upstairs in the our bedroom with us at night. They have even been allowed to sleep on the bed with us a few times. Last week, Miss, as usual slept near Jarom's side and Gus cuddled with me for once. He hasn't cuddled with me like that for some time, usually he has been going down to the end by our feet. He stayed cuddled with me all through the night. It was so sweet.

Yesterday afternoon, Jarom came home early from work...well, he was sent home...and everyone else at the High Tech. There is construction for their new building going on right next door to their building and a gas line was broken in the morning. Everyone was ushered outside at 9:30. At 11:00, once PG&E and the fire department showed up, they were told they could go back in and go to work, but that the line would take pretty much the rest of the day to fix. The Chief didn't want to take any chances so she sent everyone home for the day.

It was nice to have him home, but we took a big long nap and Miss got to join us. It was nice. We all cuddled together, with Miss right next to me-her head right next to mine and all cuddled up to me as I snuggled up to Jarom. I wish I had thought to grab the camera to get a picture of all us together-both times; when both were with us and just Miss. The camera is even on my nightstand, ugh.

My flowers are beautiful in the back yard! I took some pictures to share-the big yellow calla lily is so beautiful. Each year the plant grows but doesn't bloom. I planted the bulbs three years ago and each year the leaves of the plant grow, but no flowers. I was starting to wonder if I had another "cucumber with identity issues" again. Jarom and I picked up some cucumber seeds a couple years ago and instead of cucumbers, we got tomatoes! I had started all the tomato seeds inside to transplant later. It was crazy! Anyway, about my yellow calla lily-I am just so excited about seeing it actually bloom. Some of my calla lilies have bloomed since being planted a few years ago but they have not grown as big as my beautiful yellow one...you can see for yourself.

White Day Lilies & Purple Calla Lily

Yellow Calla Lily

Yellow Calla Lily

White Day Lilies

Purple Calla Lily

Morning Glories starting to climb

Disneyland Rosebuds popping up all over

We have had some hummingbirds coming around. Jarom cleaned the hummingbird feeder and filled it with sugar water. We have had some with little red breasts. Not only do they like the feeder but the hanging basket with the little purple flowers that is right next to it.

Hanging basket the hummingbirds like in addition to the feeder

All three of us played Raving Rabbids on the Wii together. I was the loser-and I lost bad, but it was fun. And, I have been maing meals the Weight Watchers way. I've never really cooked unhealthy with fats. I use olive oil and cooking spray when I cook. I have to watch out for the dairy and carbs in the meals and focus on the portion sizes. Last week, I made us mini pizzas on whole wheat pita pocket bread with pizza sauce, low fat mozzarella and turkey pepperoni, and for only 4 points a piece! For 6 points a serving, I made cheese tortellini with fat free marinara sauce. And instead of seperating the chicken breast, I just cut it up and added it to the pasta; I made garlic-parmesan toast too.

Now, I'm off to get some work done that I can check off my list today. I added a couple really special photos on my blog homepage on the left hand side-be sure to check them out.

Oh, thank you Natalie for my little took kit pouch. I think I'm going to use it for my craft tools. Thank You, Natalie!