Unpacking Boxes

By Trisha
Yes, I still have unpacked boxes...even after almost two years. The last couple weekends, Jarom and I have been trying to finally finish unpacking what boxes we have left in the garage and deciding to put things away in the house or donate the items to charity. About a month ago, i cleaned out my closet and dresser drawers and eliminated about half of the clothing I had-we donated that and some other household things (kitchen items, etc.) to the VA. They were coming around the following week to do a pick-up, so it worked out great!

Jarom has found my stash of candles amongst other things. This weekend we brought in the big box full of all my Barbie Collector Dolls. I brought Madysen over this afternoon and showed them all to her. She just kept saying, "Ooh. Aah." I ended up giving her the 10th Anniversary Holiday Barbie Collector Doll and a Tea Party Barbie Collector doll. It was a tough conversation and lesson for her to learn that they have to stay in the box and not to play with them because they are "special" dolls. She wanted to have a tea party with them. To solve that dilemma, I invited her over next weekend to have a tea party with me, suing the tea set my Grandma painted for me when I was about Madysen's age. I will substitute tea with apple juice and we will have Snickerdoodle cookies or chocolate chip cookies-whichever I make while Jarom's parents are here this weekend, too.

In addition to all my Barbies, Jarom found a huge box with all the missing sheets and blankets. We have been wondering we donated them accidentally at some point last summer, but he found them. They've all been washed, folded and put away too. He is so great!

I have been missing most of my craft books and asked if he had come across it, yet. he told me no, so we went out before watching our movie to see if we could find the box. It was the first one Jarom looked in. This box was huge too! We had to transfer its contents to a Rubbermaid tote and bring it in in two loads. I've sorted through it all and it is all compacted into on Rubbermaid load. I have a pile for donation, a pile to shred and a pile to recycle. One day this week, I am devoting to my craft room to reorganize and put all my craft books away, along with a box of stamp pads that I've been wondering if I accidentally donated too. I'm so excited!

Jarom and I watched "Law Abiding Citizen" this afternoon. It wasn't too bad. I was with Madysen during part of it so I missed about half of it. What I did see wasn't bad.....interesting. Tonight, we are going to watch "Couple's Retreat" when Jarom gets home from work.

For dinner this evening, I made a roast pork loin seasoned with garlic, paprika, Lawry's season salt and black pepper. I baked it for about an hour at 350 degrees and it was juicy and oh so yummy. We had baked potatoes with it since I didn't give it any thought as to sides until Jarom asked what we were going to have with it. I made Cocoa Rice Krispies treats for dessert.

I sat down and worked out exactly what I've cooking for meals while Jarom's parents are here. They arrive Thursday and leave next Tuesday, so I needed to plan breakfasts, lunches, dinners and desserts, as well as snacks. I have pot roast planned one night with veggies and fresh made bread; pork dumplings, stir fry veggies and rice; turkey & jack chimichangas and salad; chicken fettuccine and salad; stuffed skirt steaks, baked potatoes and fresh baked bread for dinners. Lunches are going to be very simple-sandwiches with chips, soups and/or leftovers. For breakfasts: waffles; cereal/toast; bacon, eggs, hashbrown potatoes; trail mix muffins; cinnamon orange sweet rolls. As far as snacks go, I have chips and salsa, snack mix, pistachios, and some fruit. For desserts: cookies-various kinds; cookies & creme freezer cake; rice krispy treats; grilled vanilla peaches and ice cream or frozen yogurt. They are meat and potatoes type of people so some of my meal plans are a bit bold, but they should be used to that by now. If they don't like it they will find something else to eat.

I did all this sorting and planning while watching "Law Abiding Citizen" and recorded movies on the DVR from this weekend that were on ABC Family: "My Fake Fiance", "The Wedding Date", "The Karate Kid" and "The Karate Kid II". The dogs have kept me company. I just copied "The Potty Dance" to a DVD-R disc for the neighbor from Pull-Ups. Mr. Trenton is talking about going potty and he goes into the bathroom, but after he has already gone in his diaper. He will soon be learning to go on the toilet and this fun song and dance will hopefully help and continue to encourage him. I've known about the song and dance for about a year. I saw it featured on a show last year while flipping one day when it was really hot outside. The last few weeks, I've seen it in a couple of my magazines, well pictures of the steps to the song and it reminded me of it. I told Leanne about it and I've given her the page out of the magazine and a copy of the video that I downloaded from the site. You can find the video at: www.pull-ups.com.

It's been busy but productive weekend and I suppose now I should get to bed so that I can get up at a decent hour and not sleep the day away.