A Little of Everything

By Trisha
Suitable for Valentine's Day, Miss has a beauty mark that depending on how she is laying is an oval or heart-just a couple day before Valentine's I was able to snap a photo of this:

Jarom and I don't usually make a fuss of Valentine's Day, but this year we took advantage. It is a particularly special day, though, for us, becuase 12 years ago on this Lover's holiday we officially became a couple. We had a nice Valentine's Day. We went and saw Taken. It was a good movie but hard to focus because of the three teenage girls behind us giggling at people getting killed, shot and raped and then talking through the movie until 5 minutes to the end when I shushed them. Then there was a group of black kids doing the same thing. I'm not prejudice, but I am a firm believer that when you go to the movies you need to shut it once the previews are over. It was so irritating. Not to mention the snack bar. We went to one where there were 4 people just standing around-"we're closed". I said there are four of you here, and one of you can't help us? So we went across the lobby to the next one. Two girls behind the counter talking in front of us, not acknowlegding us at all, one helping a lady that can't decide what she wants in addtion to her popcorn, next to us and another at the other end helping someone that came after us. Good thing there were previewes first, finally we were helped and we got our popcorn and drink and I got a Cinnabon Cinnamon Roll Pretzel (SOOOO YUMMY!). We will not be going back to that theatre. We didn't make our early dinner so we went to Outback and the wait was 1.5 hours for a table so we grabbed a menu, went home, called them for take away service with our order and were eating in a thrid of the time that we would have waited just for a table. We stopped and got champagne at Bev Mo. Of course we had to get two because I like the sweet Spumante and Jarom likes the Brut by Cook's. I ruined all romance after we ate by slipping and falling in the tub. I usually use two hands to get out of the tub, but for some reason this night I decided to use one. I was halfway up when my hand slipped and in the process of taking my nose dive back into the draining water, I twisted my right hip and knee. And hit my left knee, shoulder and elbow on the side of the tub. I don't think I hit my head. My head didn't hurt and I never got a headache, but my back and hips were sore almost instantaneously. I have been resting and usind Tylenol for the pain. My right hip continues to give me a problem. It has been throbbing with pain and continues to do so. Oh, this body of mine. I feel like a young 30 year old in a really old accident prone body, lately. I know it still bothers me subconsciously because I keep waking up on my back, when I usually sleep on my sides or stomach.

My gifts, a Singing Bulldog and Lucky in Love game

Sunday afternoon, I took a nap with Miss and this is what I woke up too. I was able to grab the camera off my night table and catch this she moved.


Birthday Celebration Continued

By Trisha
More photos from our fantastic birthday weekend in Watsonville.

Colorful Drinks Abound

Mix Master Dustin

7 Up, 7 Down

Boxing Wii Style

The Boxing Champion

MarioKart Racing

Birthday Cake & My Place Setting

Chef Pig Presents: Today's Special

Our Little Family:Gathered Around the Happy Tree

Our Family (L to R): Victor, Coley, Me, Jarom, Dustin, Aunt Tracy, Aunt Teresa & Uncle Paylor

Birthday Celebration

By Trisha
Finally, the much awaited Birthday post. Jarom and I had a great time over the final weekend in January celebrating our birthdays with my family in Watsonville. We drove down on Friday afternoon, staying until Sunday evening. As always, we had a blast! The theme was fun birds. Each of us was featured as a bird on the cake. We all had our own color of bird with it's own unique qualities just like we are in real life. Jarom was the red bird and I was the blue bird. The birds and tree were made from clay so they could be reused in the future. Our linen napkins were embroidered with birds to match our clay ones and we had bead napkin rings and wine glass markers to match the color of our birds. There was so much time and work put into everything. Our dinner was authentic greek dishes. I'm so picky I didn't think I'd like much of it, but it was all very yummy. After dinner, we played a card game called 7 Up, 7 Down, enjoyed cake and ice cream and played Wii and Wii Fit games.
*Note: We celebrated both Jarom's (2/8) and my birthday (1/30). However, because it was my birthday weekend my little bird got to sit on the tree swing.*
Without further ado, here are the pictures from our Watsonville Birthday Weekend!

Our Greek Feast

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake A-Glow

Hula Hoopin' Family Style

Super Hooper: COLEY

Trying To Save the Washcloth


Saturday Night with Friends

By Trisha
Okay, I know it is my second post this evening, but I have been meaning to post these pictures and just have been lazy. We had the Schafer's over for dinner and games on January 24th. The Wii was the main event but there was some pool action too. *wink* *wink*

Ameilia & Trinity playing with Miss-they have a mall laser pointer that they are moving around and Miss is chasing it around the roomKilling the Living DeadMama Gina saving us from the zombies!

Getting a little help from DaddyAlmost the entire partyMarioKart RacingWii Fit TrainingDestinee Training on the Wii Fit

A Little Pool Time

Ameilia and Trinity playing Princess

Miss Trinity always so loving with the dogs