By Trisha
This past weekend we went to Watsonville to visit my aunt and uncle. It was nice, relaxing weekend. We visited for a short while after we got there around 9pm. It shouldn't have taken so long to get there, but we stopped at Casa De Fruta. Jarom wanted some garlic pickles and I got some yummy pistachios and a variety of flavors and some salt water taffy. Then we were stuck in traffic because someone's car caught fire-it was totally gone. I just hope nobody was hurt.

Saturday and Sunday we pretty much just visited, played games and watched movies. Monday we went out to Salinas to the Harley store so Uncle Paylor could look at the bike he wants and get teh 2010 catalog, but they are closed every Monday. Since, we were closy we stopped at the mall to walk around and have lunch. Then it was time to load up the truck and the dogs and head home. We came home to a few presents on our bed-Minnie had pooped and peed on our bed.

I tried to make her an outdoor cat, but she was always quicker than me and ran in before I could get the door closed. Well, then she decided to pee on the couch again and I just had had it last night. I had to chase all over the house and finally had her cornered in Jenna's room which I then put her in the cat carrier for Jarom to surrender her to the SPCA. It has been really hard on me. I feel so heartless, but I've tried everything to break her from the bad habit and nothing has worked. I hope that she can find a new home though and stop her bad habits. I think maybe she needs to be the only kitty in a home.

Monday night brought a big storm that continued into Tuesday. I loved listening to the rain and wind but the storm created quite a mess all around. A tree across the street split into fourths and one of the windows in the kitchen we had fixed last year leaked like a sieve. I had to keep swapping towels out until the rain stopped later in the evening.

Today, I'm just trying to recap on the first section of my CBEST study book and trying not to think of Minnie too much because it just makes me sad.