My Lovebug

By Trisha

I just got home from dropping Jarom off at the airport. It has been harder on me than I thought it would be. I was a military wife! I've been apart from him a lot longer than 6 weeks before, but I just can't seem to control my emotions this morning...even this week. My doctor wants to see me back just after Jarom is home to see how things are going. He is really happy with my progress and said that there was something very different about me than when we first met. He wants to see me back because he is afraid that I may fall back into my depression while Jarom is gone. I have to try and stay busy while he is gone and he told me to be sure to go out and have some fun. I do have plans to unpack and take the dogs to the dog park a few times and work on a couple wedding gifts...and read.

Jarom took me to dinner last night at Outback with some of his money we had on us. I got all dressed up and put on make-up, too. I really love my bareMinerals! It was a nice dinner and we had a nice relaxing evening. We relaxed in the bath tub where he gave me a back massage and I gave him one a little earlier in the evening. We spent the day lounging on the bed while Jarom did laundry and got his bags packed. He brought up some things for me to help me with my unpacking-like my cabinets for my craft room, and the other box of toiletries I asked him to bring up.

I'm actually very tired, but since I was up, I had a few things to do, so I thought I would update this blog and get my other tasks done. It will be an unporductive day for the most part, but I do have some things I need and want to get done.

Life in General

By Trisha
We planted some seeds and plants this weekend. Jarom got these rainbow sherbet watermelon seeds, and they are supposed to actually taste like rainbow sherbet. I can't wait to taste them, I just hope that they will work out and grow. They come in yellow, pink and green. He also planted some cucumber. We found a rose that was on sale it is orange with pink tips. It is really beuatiful, it is called the Disneyland rose. I had no idea, until Jarom told me that was it's name. We panted a couple fuschias in the front in pots in the shade and a hydrangea.
I made a plant wish list on Paradise Garden. I want to plant and grow peonies. they are so beautiful but hard to find. Well, we are in zone 8 and it is the last zone that they can be grown in. I have a huge peony wishlist then I added clematis, calla lillies, cannas, begonias, dahlias, and so on. I sent the wish list to a few poeple. I guess I'm hoping that for any kind of gift that they will select some of these plants for my yard to give me.
On the other hand, I'm working on an afghan for a wedding gift. I'm also applying for some marketing jobs in the area. It is just entry level to begin with, but they trainin all areas and see which one you excel in before actually placing you in a department with the company. I just need to update my cover letter to reflect my interest in it. I have actually been thinking a lot about marketing since I started at UofP in 2005. I'm still thinking about it and well since there are companies hiring in the area, I thought I'd give it a shot. It is something that I could use my creativity in and go into management in and further my edication in.


By Trisha

Ninja Bush Cutters

By Trisha
That's us! Jarom and I did some major cutting and chopping to the bushes in the front yard yesterday. The front entrance is now visible from the street and I can see out the front window if I want too. The walkway is a walkway again and not a covered concrete path for gnomes. We filled the yard debris bin clear to the top.
We moved most of the potted plants out back for color, but left a few in the front. My miniature rose bushes are at the beginning of the path connected to the driveway. I put the bulldog statues by the front door and two more potted plants at the end of the walkway just a step above before the front door. There isn't anything in them now, but I will try to find some inexpensive shade seeking small plants to plant in there. As for the rest of the plants that we moved to the backyard there is still hope for some, while others, all hope is lost. Many suffered that first week we were here and didn't get them moved over until the next weekend. I do have flower seeds though and I plan to plant those in the pots that nothing lives in currently.

Since we filled the yard debris bin we didn't get to be ninja bush cutters to the bush in the backyard that is taking over the whole left corner. It is so overgrown. I don't even know what kind of bush it is, but it has run wild. Jarom wants to cut back some of the trees but the just the parts that are dead or hanging on the fence. Since we don't have much money, we want to get a small bag of grass seed to lay down to get the patches filled in and try to get rid of some of the weeds. As for the little saplings, I don't think we will ever get rid of those completely. We have so many trees in the back, but they are beautiful and they offer privacy and shade. I cna't wait until we have all our furniture set up and have our first BBQ, so we can share all our work with everyone.
We have a large lattice that comes up and over in the middle of the patio and I'm going to plant some morning glories in a couple of our long planters and place them near the lattice so that as they grow they can climb the lattice. I also told Jarom that I'd like to put up some little white lights and weave them into the top and side of the lattice. I can see it in my head. It will be absolutely beautiful! Our patio table and chairs will be placed under there, too. On the two remaining sides will have the chiminea and other chairs and the grill and a few other of our lawn chairs. When it is all done, all I see is a nice, peaceful oasis that no one will want to leave.
We hung more pictures on the walls today and put some clothes away. Jarom moved in one of our shelves and got it situated. I helped a little, but he did most of the hardwork. Tomorrow, I will get the bathroom cupboard organized and the contents out of the boxes. I want to ge tthe linens put away and remaining toiletries. We have so much bathroom cupboard space that I will be able to store all the towels in the bathrooms. The cupboard in the hallway will be used to house all our games. Small one up top, large down on the bottom. I will also get the shelved organized with pictures and knick knacks from our trips and gifts given to us.
I made BBQ Pulled Pork for dinner in the crockpot. I let it cook overnight to becoem as tender as possible so that it just fell apart when touched. For dessert, I made Orange Sweet Rolls. It was very yummy. A good meal for good, hard work this weekend.

Catching Up

By Trisha
It's been awhile since my last post, there has just been so much going on. I thought while I was taking a break I'd catch up. I have been busy today moving furniture, boxes and hanging pictures and running the vacuum. I got a lot done today, but I still have a lot more to do. After my little break here, I will start again, putting cookbooks away and other kitchen items that are still in boxes. It has been quite a workout today.

This weekend, we are hoping to get a lot more done upstairs. I have been focusing on the downstairs today. We also plan to get some work done on the yard. I need to move my potted plants around and I want most in the backyard. I want to move furniture around, too, and get it ready for company any time.

My appointment in San Francisco went well. It was just an orientation class of about 100 people. There is a lot to read up on in the binder they gave me and lots of appointments. My next one is on the 24th. There is a lot of changes to make even before the surgery.

Going home for Jenna's graduation was great. The actual graduation was a little rough. It was about 50 degrees and very windy. I had two coats and a blanket on. The party on Saturday was a great turn out.

The dogs had quite a bit of fun. Miss and Boone soon turned their aggression into a game of chase and became freinds by the second day. Shiloh took to Gus and they played day and night. Toby wasn't sure about all of it. He was concerned more about his tennis ball, but he is the sweetest lab. Ollie stayed upstairs most of the time. It was a good trip.

All are adjusting to the new home and it is starting to feel more like home.