Contacts or Glasses

By Trisha
I had my eye exam and this time my astigmatism took the correction. Now, do I want glasses or contacts. I need mostly for distance but now instead of just for driving, I need it when I walk, go to the store, watch tv, etc. etc. I don't mind my glasses, but at somepoint they seem to get sat on and they fall down my nose all the time. Plus, it is really hard to exercise with glasses on my face.

I've been wanting to try out contacts for awhile and so I really wanted both. Well, insurance covers one or the other. In the end, I ordered glasses and picked out a smaller frame b J.Lo. OOOHHHH! LALA! Just kidding, I I don't care about the name I just liked the frame the more I tried them on. I'm kinda picky about my glasses. I will never be fashionable because those thick rims ones that you see all the stars wearing make me look like a total DORK! So I found these cute little frames to have on the side with all quriks-transitions, scratch resistant, UV protections, etc. for $10! I'll have them in about a week.

I am trying out a pair of contacts right now. They showed me how to put them in and take them out, clean up and so on. Each day I'm supposed to wear them a little bit longer than the day before. As of right now, my right eye feels funny but no problems with the left. I LOVE being able to see everything without glasses on my face too. The fitting and oreintation fee was $40. Since I got glasses, it won't cover the contacts, but each pair can be worn ofr about 3-4 weeks each and each box comes with 3 pair and they are about $25 a box. I will return for my foloow-up nect Thursday and make my ultimate decision as to whether or not I will continue with contacts. I think I will if I can keep the little bit of discomfort at bay in the right eye. I do keep gently massaging my eye but something just feels funny. It will take some time to get used too, but I think in the end I will really like them and I will only ahve to get a box of new lenses every 3 months.

It may not sound like it, but I am really happy about the contacts. :o)

Have a great weekend!

Books I Read in 2008

By Trisha
I saw this on my friend, Emily's blog and decided to copy her.

Here is my list of books that I read in 2008 minus two. I have misplaced them but they were inspirational, uplifting books that I read when I was still buried in my deep dark hole of depression and I can't remember their titles. These books are in no particular order.

1. The Giving Tree
2. The Wednesday Letter
3. Twenty Wishes
4. Skipping Christmas (every year)
5. The Lace Reader
6. 8 Sandpiper Way
9. Back on Blossom Street
10. The Last Lecture
11. Sepulchre
12. 74 Seaside Avenue
13. Seaview Inn
14. Souvenir
15. Marley and Me
16. P.S. I Love You (LOVE the book, HATED the movie)
17. The Lesson
18. The Forgotten Carols (every year)
19. No One Can Take Your Place
20. One Bright Shining Hope
21. The Host
22. Christmas Letter
23. Emma
24. Pride and Prejudice
25. Sense and Sensibility
26. The Snow Bride
27. Don't Bump the Glump
28. Twilight
29. New Moon
30. Eclipse
31. Breaking Dawn

WOW! 33 books including the two I don't remember! Plus the 6 or so text books for school. I'll have to see if I can top that this year, but I don't it, because I didn't work in 2008 and I plan on finding at least a part time job this year. Right now, I'm reading "A Cedar Cove Christmas".

Jarom's Surgery

By Trisha
Jarom had his surgery on January 7th at Travis AFB and it went well. I was able to bring him home the day of the surgery. Right after he woke up in recovery, they wheeled him into his room and had him move from the surgery gurney to his bed on his own. Shortly after that they wanted to start him on liquids but he was hungry so he had a most wonderful hospital lunch, moved to the chair in his room and then took a walk around the wing.

The doctor was in around 1pm and was happy with Jarom's progress and so he prepared his discharge orders. We were home just before 5pm that night.

I was very protective the first week and still am a bit--folowing him up and down the stairs, helping him in and out of the chair, making sure he had medications when he was due. I still make sure he isn't trying to do too much or lift anything more than 10 pounds.

Jarom's incision is healing well and he is feeling better each day. We are both hoping that it continues in that direction. It isn't a big incision, but larger enough. The doctor went in and removed part of a bulging disc putting pressure on a nerve to help relieve back and hip pain, as well as pain that would shoot down his leg. The first four days meals were delivered to us and everything was so yummy. We are still eating on some of it.
The nasty bruise Jarom got where they tried to put in an I.V.

Jarom's incision covered with steri-strips

Jarom's incision after the steri-strips came off

A Lewis Holiday

By Trisha
We were in Troutdale for New Year's and my dad's birthday on New Year's Eve, unfortunately we had to eat and cake and ice cream and run because Jarom was in a wedding for friends. I forgot to take my camera to the wedding and the the battery charger so I only was able to get some pictures at Dad and Mom's.

We were incrdible spoiled this year and we just weren't expecting much of anything with all the help they gave us this year. Gus and Miss were spoiled with new beds, too. Miss was infatuated with the squirrel coming out to get peanuts and would just see there. They would just eye each other.
Gus in Christmas bells

Miss in Christmas bells

Raccoons at the back door

Mom and our babies

The face-off

Miss giving Jarom a hug

Gus & Miss enjoying thier new beds

Dad playing his Yahtzee game

A Culpepper Christmas

By Trisha
Now that things have slowed down some, I can catch up our blog. We had a good time at home for the holidays. We were able to spend a week with each of our families and it was really nice and pretty relaxing, but it was good to get home, too, and sleep in our own bed again. I think Hope and Minnie are happy to see us home again too. Sheesh, the crying they did when we came home.

Our drive was fine until we hit the borderin Dorris and the Oregon roads were incredibly horrible. They were slick with packed snow and ice, but my ever cautious husband did well and let everyone pass him. It was late when we got to Prineville but at least we were safe. At it's crowdest, there were 15 people, seven dogs and two cats in the Culpepper home. We finally got to meet boyfriends and girlfriends, too.
The Culpepper house covered with snow

Paul & Oriana

The wanted in so badly

Mom Culpepper with Boone, Gus & Ollie

Mom Culpepper covered in dogs

Jenna & Jesse

Jason and Tobey

Dad Culpepper being funny with the neckwarmer

Only missing Shilo and Ollie


Christmas Gifts I Made This Year

By Trisha
There are still a few more, but they have not been given to the recipient, but will be at the end of the month. Here are most of the gifts I made this year:

Dad's finished quilt-with a pictures of just a few of his show cars-

Dad's birthday gift-

Mom's finished quilt with cows and cow buttons (the green and pink was chosen because they were part of the design with the cows-

I made a keepsake box for each of our mother's and this is what they looked like-

I made these four jewelry sets-

Three pillows-

And some fleece blankets-

Oh, and the neckwarmers-