Service & Shoipping

By Trisha
This past weekend was a busy one. It all started out with me not really sleeping Friday and I was really kind of on edge because I knew we'd have a long day at the High Tech and I didn't want to be dragging all day. Luckily for Jarom and everyone else involved, I kept busy the entire time and didn't have a chance to slow down get real tired.

There was a big conference at the High Tech for family services of the Army and the High Tech was asked to thinka bout providing lunch and coffee for all the attendees. At last year's conference there wasn't coffee, snacks or lunch option. I did the leg work on what brands and prices and figuring out if it would be a feasible project. We talked about serving, hambrugers and hot dogs with chips, cookies and a soda/water, in addition to coffee. By the time the weekend arrived for the conference, they added baked beans, donuts in the morning and candy bars for snacks and the hot dogs were 10" polish dogs. Friday night, Jarom and I cut up tomato and onion for the burgers and chopped onion for the hot dogs. We were at the high tech by 8am and I prepped the lettuce by washing and breaking it down into burger size pieces. Jarom was all about doing this and that, while George and Paul went out to pick up ice for the drinks and Dale ran the breakfast concessions table. I had about 30 minutes of free time at one point but I was quickly back to work getting everything ready and setting up the food table for lunch. We ran two lines, one from each side with Dale and Cindy's dad, Gene taking the money. Cynthia kept the lines going by dishing up the hamburger patties and hot dogs and I was running back forth replenishing the buns and condiments. By the time I finished replenishing both sides, it was time to start the process all over again. Jarom, Paul and George ran the barbeques and running the meat back in.

Lunch was busy but everyone was grateful and kept telling us thank you and what a wonderful job we did. All of us were just getting things cleaned and wrapped up when they main speaker called us all back out to thank you. I was kind of embarrassed, I don't like being put on the spot, even if I am with a group of people. But, we received quite a big standing ovation and it was nice to know that our hard work was appreciated. We got a free lunch out of it and after everything was paid off the High Tech made almost $400. I think Jarom and I finally left around 1:30pm.

We got home and showered and then Jenna and I met Leanne and the kids at Kohl's to take advantage of the big sale and Jenna's associate discount. Leanne was so excited. She loves Kohl's! All I found was one shirt but I had a limit of $100 and Jarom needed a new pair of khakis, underwear and a few shirts. I obught exactly what he asked for, sizes and everything and I heard was the shirt is long sleeve, the pants are too long, the underwear are boxers. I just felt like I was taking one blow after another and that he wasn't grateful that I even looked for him. Leanned got quite a few really cute things and she didn't even spend $80. Everything she found was on clearance in addition to the sales and Jenna's discount. Jenna found some things too. Oh, I found a frame for my Ansel Adams photo that I've had since last Christmas and still hadn't framed. Jaorm and Jenna left right away to go back to Kohl's and exchange everything but the shirt. He thought he'd make it up to me by buying me some new Pyrex, which is nice. Dont' get me wrong, it was anice gesture, but I think I would have rather had the money to go somewhere else to look for new shirts like Target. However, I have put that new Pyrex-ware to good use since I got it on Saturday.

On Sunday, we were kind of lazy. We didn't do much, but I was still really tired as I didn't really sleep again Saturday night. I was going on 48+ hours of now sleep. Jarom worked on reorganizing all my kitchen cabinets. I made sirloin steak with Moroccan onions and after getting all cleaned up I headed out to the grocery store. It's always easier to go really early in the morning or late at night. I don't have to deal with the crowds that way and I don't feel rushed to find exactly what I want.

We dont' have much planned this weekend, but I think we should do something like bowling or Apple Hill, something. I guess we'll just have to wait and see how the week goes and what the weekend brings.

New Truck!

By Trisha
We haven't been up to too much but hanging out and I have been cooking and baking a lot. I have always enjoyed cooking and baking since a young age, but I am rediscovering since my depression. I'm not afraid to try new things, so I have been cooking a lot of different things-recipes that I find in my magazines (Everyday Food, Martha Stewart Living, Real Simple and Cooking Pleasures).

Since I started my food/recipe blog in July, I have been keeping it up with all the new and what I think are exciting recipes that I fix for my family...and neighbors on occasion. I haven't been so good about taking pictures in the last few weeks of everything but that is because I carry the camera to and fro so it isn't always there when I need it.

Last Thursday, Jarom and I went to the visit the Roseville Auto Mall, leaving at 5pm not ot return until after 10pm. We ended up looking at some full-size trucks and test driving a couple Dodges. We came home with a Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 truck almost fully-loaded with the off-road package. It is new used, a 2003. There wasn't much there to look at in any of the dealerships that were four wheel drive. Most everything was two wheel drive, but this is a very nice looking truck with low miles. It is a beautiful blue color. Finally, after almost of 11 years we have graduated from little pick-ups to a big boy pick-up. The room is nice since we got the crew cab. We will have to get some running boards. The exhaust is starting to rust so we have to think about doing that at some point, but considering the price, I'm fine with that. We got this truck for a little more than what we paid for the S-10 six years ago.

Jarom's New Toy

This afternoon, we hung out with the neighbors and I played with Madison and Trenton. Tranton kept running down the driveway wanting to go into the street so we turned it into a game running on opposite ends of the truck. When he'd get near the end he'd see me and just laugh. It was a workout but a lot of fun. At one point I was istting on the ground and Miss Madison came running up and jumped on me. SHe caught me off guard and I fell all the way backward. I thought I'd cuaght myself and then my wrist gave out and I want all the way back. I just had to laugh, but I'm paying for it a bit this evening with a bit of a stiff back. Jarom cut up some watermelon and borugh it out. Trenton was in heaven with it and got upset when the leftover rind was taken away from him. When he opened his eyes he saw that there was another piece there waiting for him and he was happy again.

I had a nice time making dinner because Jarom helped me. I had him fry up the left over potatoes from Saturday's Fish & Chips dinner while I put together the Zucchini Ribbon Pasta and prepared the pork for the BBQ. After the potatoes were done, Jarom put the pork on the grill. He helped me clean up after dinner too and then he got the dry ingredients mixed together in a bowl for my Banana Trail Mix muffins.

Front End

Passenger Side

Driver's Side

By Trisha
I can't believe it's been almost two months since my last entry. We haven't been all that busy, but I somehow haven't found the time to update everyone. Summer is almost over, but I'm quite positive that our very warm summer weather will be sticking around for awhile. We just can't seem to get out of the 90's and 100's. It is just awful miserable.

We started August off with a beautiful wedding. Aunt Tracy and Uncle Dustin were married on August 8th in their backyard and it was just beautiful. I still can't believe they got everyone back there but they did and it was comfortable. It was nice to have a mini family reunion, too. Aunt Tracy look so pretty in her wedding dress as did Aunt Teresa and Coley in their bridesmaid dresses. The food was absolutley delicious-kahlua pork, rice, salads, rolls, chicken skewers, and so much more that I can't even remember. They have four different cakes for thier wedding cake-chocolate chocolate, cheesecake, carrot cake and I think the other was lemon, I can't remember.

My gift and Jarom's as well as Tiff & Steve's gift to them is going to be a quilt when I get it finished. It is going to be pretty big-bigger than anything that I have ever made. I picked up some white 100% cotton fabric and cut them into squares. I cut 60 squares, so I'd have enough for everyone. I picked up some oil pastels and at the wedding went from table to table telling everyone what I was doing and asked them to help me out. Each person or couple, however they wanted to do it, designed a square to add to the quilt. I have 43 squares, all designed by wedding guests with messages, pictures whatever they felt inspired to do. Since it is an uneven number and some are only half the square, I'm going to pick a few pictures from the wedding that family took and print them on fabric to include in the quilt. I have quite a variety of fabric quarters in design and color that I am incorporating into the quilt along with some tropical/Hawaiian fabrics (the groom and groomsmen wor Hawaiian shirt with khakis). I'm really excited about it. I can't wait until it is done. I'm trying to remember to take pictures as I go too. Once all the squares are sewn together, I will go pick out a fabric for the packing. I think I'm sold on this pale yellow with little hearts on it, but we will see.

In case your wondering, to get the oil pastels to set without rubbing or washing out-you place a piece of regular white paper over the top of the fabric that is drawn on. Set your iron on the cotton setting, no steam and place it on top of the paper. Hold it there for about 10 seconds, pick up the iron and move to the next spot until you covered the entire drawn image. Be careful not to glide the iron over the paper, this can smudge the unset pastel image. Yes, after the wedding, we went back to our hotel room and ironed each square. I didn't want to risk them being smudged and ruined on the way home.

The week after the wedding I fixed a week's worth of meals for us and our neighbors. Leanne, had to have an emergency hysterectomy for possible cervical cancer and I really wanted to do something. Something that would help them out and take a little stress off them. She had the procedure Friday afternoon and was back to work on Monday, she was even doing a light workout at the gym, but despite all that I still wanted to help out. I did a Greek night complete with gyros, tahziki, karbohnahrah and pohtahtas; chicken rolls another night, citrus pork chops, mini Guam feast and oh, I can't remember the other one. I even did desserts-glazed tropical fruit salad, pineapple-cranberry minis, individual baked alaskas, chocolate malt shoppe ice cream pie and chocolate cherry cheesecake. I just love cooking and now that there is more than just me and Jarom, it doesn't go to waste and Wallace said that he would never refuse a meal.

Since then, we have been doing some cleaning and more cooking of course. I'm not afraid to try anything. Last week, I had a bit of a rough week. I was so tired and spent most of the week in bed. I don't know if it was allergies or a sinus infection trying to latch on but all the rest helped me kick its rear. :o) I did some research for Jarom as far as pricing items and whether or not it would be worth the money and time to run a snack shack on 9/26 for a conference being held at the high tech. It would be well worth it and they are expecting about 160 people, so we are doing coffee in the morning and a lunch plate in the afternoon. I said I would help and if Jenna doesn't have to work we are going to try to recruit her. We are going to BBQ hot dogs and hamburger and included with the plate will be chipc, cookies and a soda. It took some time to track down everything and them I had to list the price and quantity in everything and piece price everything and figure out what the plates would cost us to put together and discuss a price to charge. At $3 a plate they would make their money back plus another $1.50.

This weekend, we don't have plans but I might help our Wallace and Leanne by watching Madison and Trenton for awhile. I'm excited to spend time with the kids. They are so cute!

Last weekend, Jarom and Jenna went to a double feature and the drive-in. They saw Funny People and Inglorious Bastards. I didn't want to see Funny People and it's a good thing. Jarom said it was pretty lame and he wasn't very impressed with Inglorious Bastards. Sunday evening, after dinner, the three of us had a game night with Scattergories and Cribbage. Last night, we got in some exercise with some bowling. At the end of October, we are going to go see Dane Cook live at Arco Arena. I'm really excited for that. I've been wanting to see him for a few years now.

It sure seems like we have been really busy and up to stuff, but we really haven't. The dogs are good and just thier fun selves. Hope and Minnie play a lot. Minnie has rediscovered one of her toys-the circle with the ball in the middle. She plays with it a little during the day and most of the evening if her and Hope aren't chasing each other.

I do hope everyone has had a great summer and Happy New School Year!