Alomost 5 Months!

By Trisha
I can't believe it had been almost five months since I last posted anything. My, time flies when you are staying busy.

We have be staying busy with family activities and the next two months are filled with weddings and traveling to attend them. In between then, we have family visiting us too. First, my Uncle Derek and Aunt Michelle with be here with Blake, Madison, Emily and Porter for the Track & Field Championships that are in Sacramento this year at Sac City College. Emily is the only one this year to make it to the Championships and I'm a very proud cousin-of all of them of course, since this is for the Junior Olympics. Blake was injured or he'd be running too; such a bummer. This trip for them is also a family vacation so we plan to have dinner one night and I'll watch Em run, but I don't plan to take up all their family time. Aunt Teresa and Uncle Paylor will hopefully still come down, too and we will probably do a breakfast on Sunday before everyone heads home.

Just three days after that is all over, Jarom's parents will be flying in for a week long visit. No plans, but then we don't usually have any. We fly by the seat of our pants. They will leave on a Wednesday and I will turn around on Friday and drive with Aunt Teresa and Coley to Utah for my cousin, Kylie's wedding. I'm very excited! I had planned to fly but Aunt texted last week and said her and Coley were going and so now it's a Girls Road Trip!

At the end of August, the High Tech's new building is being dedicated and we will be in attendance to that. Oh, next weekend we are camping at Meadow Lake with friends. Labor day weekend we will be in Prineville, OR for my brother-in-law's wedding. The following week, we are supposed to be in Vegas fro a friends' wedding, but unfortunately, I just don't think with all the travelling and activities going on that we can reasonably afford it. I'd so love to be there with all our friends to celebrate. But let's face it, they all live near their families and don't have to travel out of state much-not like us and so money isn't as much of an issue for them as us, unfortunately.

June was pretty quiet. July 2 my cousins were here for an overnight visit on their way back home from Southern California. Well, my cousin, John, his fiance, Katie and her son, Josh were here. They are planning on getting married next summer sometime, I think. They've only been engaged a short time so they haven't really thought about a date. It was awesome to have them stop since we are just of I-5 and that was the highway they were travelling. Katie and I are a lot alike and we got along famously. We could talk for hours and we did just that. John and Jarom are the same. Josh and I had fun. He played the Wii Fit and then Mario Bros. We had steak, potatoes, rolls, green salad and fruit for dinner and dessert was my Strawberry Shortcake cookies* and/or Chocolate Silk Pie. Josh and I made him a foam bulletin board and then we colored some canvas fabric puppets I had on hand. I felt bad, because it was almost midnight when we went to bed. I knew they wanted to leave early, so I didn't plan to keep them up late. We all just talked so much we lost track of time. I made us breakfast of french toast, brown sugar bacon and fruit in the morning. I was up at 4am so they could get on the road by 5, but I don't think they got out of her until 6am. Oops. :o) Jarom and I left around noon to head down to Watsonville for the 4th holiday. We had a lot of fun-Aunt Teresa had a fairly large party and all the family here was together for fireworks and dessert. (*I created a cookie recipe-that is my Strawberry Shortcake Cookie-I have yet to share the actual recipe with anyone but a few select individuals in my family, but I will soon. I may enter a contest with it-it is my neighbor's new favorite cookie and I have other ideas for cookies, with different ingredients.)

Last weekend, the neighbors had a birthday pool party for Madysen and Trenton. Trenton turned 2 on the 4th and Madysen 5 on the 7th. It was a lot of fun-started at 11am and went until about 6 or 7pm. I even put on a suit and got in the pool. I had a lot of fun with all the kids. I had Trenton a lot. He wanted to be in the pool with all the kids but not just on the step, so he would bounce with me then he wanted to jump in to me. He'd jump in and bounce up and down a bit and then want me to lift him up onto the edge so he could jump back in to me. At one point he was with one of the other girls and got a hold of a water missile, filled it with water and pointed it right at me with a big grim and released the water. What could I do but laugh. I got quite a sunburn though. I sued my sunscreen and kept putting it on but I think I need to move up the SPF from 30 to 100. ;o) I was trying to be so careful. I am now peeling and it itches, but at least I have some color other than my pasty white.

During the week, I'm applying for jobs and finishing projects. I have a wedding quilt to finish and other wedding gifts started that need finishing before wedding in the couple months. A lot are embroidery projects. I'm teaching the YW how to cook some authentic Guamanian dishes on the 28th.

I've decided I'm ready to go back to work. I've been off my antidepressant for a year now and I'm doing really good. My sleeping habits would get better if I had a job again. It doesn't have to be full-time but if it is the right job, I wouldn't mind it. I'm ready to get out of the house and meet new people. I don't much leave the house. It would be nice to have a little more disposable income again, too. It would allow us to do a bit more, although we are doing well on the one income. All around it would be good for me to work again, I don't' have much reason to stay home without children. I'm really excited about a couple I applied for last week, but we will see what happens. There isn't much out there and a lot people applying for the same positions so it is very competitive. This is our one weekend we have nothing going on-a breather before all the activity starts up again-more for me than Jarom, but he has to work all week.

I guess I'll go have some cereal and start working on a wedding project that needs worked on and get it done, so I can work on the next one and the quilt later today.

Happy Summer, everyone!!