Pumpkin Carving

By Trisha
We carved our pumpkins this evening before dinner. It was fun. Usually, I carve both pumpkins by myself, so it was a nice treat to have Jarom join me to carve them. The dogs joined us downstairs and watched. Miss was very curious about the pumpkins but they scared Gus and he ran from them. We hadn't even carved the faces, just the top so they could smell the inside of the pumpkin. However, when I put a small piece on one of thier beds they both sniffed at it and tried to eat it. Jarom's pumpkin is featured first in the line-up and then mine.


Two More Completed Bookmarks

By Trisha
Bookmark #5

Bookmark #6

My Disneyland Rose

By Trisha
I love my Disneyland Rose that I planted in a big pot in the backyard. I took these pictures yesterday, when I noticed all the new buds starting to open up. Enjoy the beauty!


Interview and Christmas

By Trisha

I was diligently working on a bookmark last night and did not write anything. That was my exciting weekend. I worked on bookmarks for Christmas. I have 11 to make and 4 are done, a 5th one started and still to do. I just put on a movie and go to town.

The power went out for awhile on Sunday and it got warm quick, but cooled down just as fast when it came back on. I was a bit frustrated, because I was halfway through the bookmark I was working on and Ghost Whisperer. I have a goal to finish two bookmarks a day, so I can stay on track to get everything made before Christmas. If I can stay on schedule, everything shouls be made by December 6th, and then I can wrap everything.

Ghost Whisperer-my aunt and uncle got me hooked. They watch it every Friday. Well, now I'm catching up with past seasons from Netflix.

I had an interview on Wednesday with Key Personnel. It is a temp agency, but temporary positions can turn into permanent postions. They were impressed with my resume, now I just have to wait for them to find me a position. I hope that it will not take long. I lowered my minimum pay requirement a lot, as well as desirable positions. I know it is tough out there with the economy so I need to be more flexible than normal. I'm really trying to be patient and not get discouraged, but it has been hard.

Jarom continues to work. Last week, they had the ground breaking ceremony for the new schoolhouse construction on base. It was a big thing with senators, state reps and past commanders and majors, etc. He has his pool table set up in the house now and plays in the evenings. Once in while I will play with him. He has been very diligent about brushing the dogs each evening, too, and found out that Hope even enjoys it. Saturday he went with Mike to hunt, but once again didn't have any luck. I'm convinced it is a lost cause and a waste of money, but it is his time so I don't say anything and just let him be a boy with his friends. LOL!

As for this week, I'm just going to continue to work on my Christmas stuff. There is so much to day. I will apply for more jobs, love the pups and kitties, read and love my husband.

And, just a quick shout-out to Mary for helping me with getting my blog gussied up with a background. I was trying to add a custom background in a different area, not as a gadget. Thanks Mary!

Sewing and Holidays

By Trisha
It was just a bit of a rough week. I had been feeling a bit achy lately and a little naseated. No, I'm not pregnant. The test was negative, but I did get the flu. Not as exciting, I know. I spent a lot of time in bed resting and sleeping.

Wednesday came, and I was still feeling a little blah, but I decided to do some sewing. I have been working on some Halloween bags. I didn't sew very long. I couldn't concentrate and I was making mistakes. Thursday was a much better day and I was able to finish the bags and sew on the buttons. They turned out pretty cute for a novice sewer like me.
I made four of these bags and each one had the mummy on one side and the frankenstein on the other. If I'd done as the instructions said there would have one been one or the other and for the opposite side I was supposed to use coordinating fabric for. I didn't want to do that, though, and I just can't seem to follow rules when I'm making things. I have to go my own way.

This weekend, I have continued to sleep a lot, but I'm not sleeping at night. I've been taking a sleep aid and I'm afraid it is causing me to stay awake at night rather than sleep, so tonight I will not be using it and see if I can sleep. I've been keeping busy though. I have been organizing my ideas and patterns for Christmas gifts this year. I plan to make most if not all of them this year. I have so much fabric and supplies for sewing and cross-stitch that I thought I'd put them to use and save us some money this year. I would just need a few things fromt eh store, more thread, a few frames, and maybe some batting (I have some, but we will see if I need more). My sewing still leaves something to be desired, but I'm getting better with each project. I have to remind myself to take it easy a sew a little slower to keep it straight. Projects take me a little longer than most, but I get them done.

I have plenty of time to work on these gifts for Christmas, as I'm still looking for a job. I've keep submitting my resume and filling our applications each day, about a dozen or so, ir not more. I'm starting to really feel rejected and I'm getting very discouraged. I've never had such a hard time getting a job.

I have a most wonderful husband, he tries to keep my spirits up by telling me I will get a job soon. He takes good care of me too, even when I'm not sick. He has been making fresh bread, too. Today-cinnamon raisin. MMMMM! He has been letting the pups sleep with us on our bed this weekend too. They love it. Miss is becoming a little bulldozer. Instead of walking around us, she just bulldozes right over us to get to the spot she wants. I had to laugh at her last night. Gus just settles in where he is placed. He turned three on Wednesday...my little handsome man.

Books & Boxes

By Trisha
I'm a Bella! I found out through TwilightersAnonymous.com. Which Twilight Female Are You? Take the quiz and find out!
Take the Quiz and Share Your Results!

So, a friend took this quiz and I was intrigued and decided to take it. I'm a Bella. I kind of felt a kinship to her when I was reading the books. Very interesting. I finished "Breaking Dawn" yesterday. It was a good end, but I would welcome the fifth book as well. I'm addicted to the stories of all the characters. They are very intriguing and I can't put the books down. This morning, I started "The Host" a new book by Stephanie Meyer. It is very science fiction. Anyway, i have been letting the thoughts swirl and brew in my brain and I think all of us ladies should find a place in between all of us and make a girls night to see "Twilight" when it comes out on the 21st. I wouldn't mind being in charge of getting us all tickets, but we'd have to get it together and organized soon. I'm talking to all my girlfriends in CA, UT, TX, OR, etc. What do you think? Can we do it? Celestia, Joalea, Brandi, Natalie, Mary, Monique, Jacque, Michele, Nicole, Emily, Kellie, Tabitha, Kristi, Tiffany, My sister, Emily L., and anyone else??

As for the rest of the week, it was kind of boring and a little stressful. We had some financial difficulty, but thanks to my Dad and Mom for the help, we are okay. Believe me, I have been looking and applying for all kinds of jobs, even Joann's. They are schedulaing interviews this week. There is just such a tight market right now with so many people out of work, but I'm still searching and applying. I didn't get the job at the school, but I was also competing against 30 other candidates. That is just a hint of what I'm up against right now trying to get a job.

This weekend, Jarom and I have been working on the garage. Now that it is cooler it is more bearable to work outside and finish unpacking the remaining boxes in the garage. This weekend was reserved for that. We are almost done, but the recycling and garbage bins are full already and we have to get through the week before they are picked up. I brought in a buch of storage containers and boxes that needed to be sorted through and seperated: garbage, donations, keepers. Jarom worked in the garage on Saturday while I sorted and Friday night, we both worked out in the garage. I can't beleive how much we did. We can now get the pool table out of the garage, we just need to ask a friend or two over to help us get it into the house.

Finally, for Halloween, we will be passing out different items than candy. Well, we will be passing some suckers and Double Bubble gum for the older kids. For all the others, they will have thier choice of a yo-yo, mini coloring books, pumpkin necklaces and temporary tattoos. While sorting through stuff, I found all these prizes and what great things to give out instead of candy to rot the teeth on Halloween. One less expense, too. YAY!!

Shaken, Not Stirred Camping

By Trisha

We headed to Meadow Lake Friday morning to camp. This was the area Jarom and his friends went to hunt but they had no luck, once again this year. He asked me to go back with him and I decided it would be a nice change of scenery and a nice break from the heat. I was even relieved to hear about the rain; I've missed it.

Anyway, we got there and it was a beautiful drive and I got some great pictures of the changing trees in the Tahoe National Forest. We sat and talked around the fire most of the afternoon, even as the rain came down. Well, we did that until it started to pour and the wind picked up. The dogs were getting cold and so was I.

Anyway, the dogs and I went into the tent and they layed down on thier blankets that we brought and I curled up in the sleeping bags with the heater on and read "Breaking Dawn". Jarom hung out with the guys, as I was the only female. I didn't want him to feel like he had to babysit me, so I told him to go and have fun with them outside under Dennis's awning with the rest of them and not to worry about me. The dogs and I were fine, especially when the dogs decided that they were too cold Jarom put them on the bed with me. Gus curled up at my feet and Miss curled up at my back with her behind under the sleeping bag.

Jarom came in around 6pm with a couple burgers for dinner and crawled into the sleeping bag with me and the dogs stayed curled up with us. It had to have been quite a sight. I wish now that I had grabbed my phone to take a picture of us. Gus was curled up by this time in the sleeping bag at my chest and Miss was nestled between Jarom and I, also under the sleeping bag. It was crowded, but very cozy. We stayed plenty warm but no slept very well. My hip was giving me problems from my fall in July and I had muscle spasms with lots of pain.

On a side note: I found out last week that I already have the start of arthritis in my hips and I've known for awhile that I have it in my hands already. Anyway, the doc put me on steroid for a week and physical therapy. I told him I thought I had a compressed nerve and he said what I described to him sounds like that definitely. I hope treatment will not have to go beyond the physical therapy. With everything Jarom had been through I have no desire to go through that if the PT doesn't work.

Anyway, back to camping the rain continued to pour and come down hard and the wind was so gusty I thought at time it would blow our tent with us inside it, away. I was bummed about the rain. I was looking forward to walking around the campground and the lake. It was just so beautiful on the drive up there. It was a bumpy ride and Jarom said the dogs were shaken, but not stirred.

When we got up, I asked if he would be terribly upset with me if I asked to go home and he said no. The dogs were still cold as I could feel them shivering. Jarom went out to chat with the guys while I got dressed and it turns out one of our friends had a leak in his trailer and he was cold, wet and miserable and headed home. When we heard the possible snow that could be coming, everyone decided to pack up and head home. Jarom and I got maybe a mile out, still in the campground and met another driver from the other direction that flagged us down to tell us that an RV was stuck in the mud up the way and recommended we head out Jackson Meadow, so we headed back to camp to chat with everyone. The others would not make it through Jackson Meadow because of the steep and rocky terrain. Jarom and I headed back the same way as originally and the RV was gone, but it was very muddy and slippery. Luckily one by one, we all made it through, with the trucks in four wheel drive and a little sliding.

Now, we are all home and bathed, clean and warm. I have to say the dogs did have fun when we got there. They ran around kicking up the dusty dirt in their wake. It was the rain and the really cold temperatures that made made it hard on them. We plan to go back in the summer with the dogs where there is no rain on the weather horizon and comfortable temperatures.

Helping Handz Blog

By Trisha
Just a quick note to all of you that read my Helping Handz blog...I have moved down to just a once a week blog for this. An everyday post is just getting to be too much. It is much eaiser to be diligent once a week. There are a number of new posts from the last month or so. Enjoy!