Great Way To Start the New Year

By Trisha
I finally started my work out last weekend. I had hoped to get started sooner, but I've just been so busy. And for not working out, and coming off the holidays, but trying to really be conscious of what I eat and only eat when I'm hungry, I had a great surprise last weekend when I played on the Wii.

I got onto the Wii after helping my neighbor with an IQ test she needed to administer on five people. She asked if she could administer it to me and I agreed. She brought Madysen over and she played Just Dance on the Wii and then colored, played Barbies and then bowled on the Wii. Before turning it off after they left, I decided to do a Wii Fit body test to see where I was and be ready for my first official workout of the year.

My great surprise is that I lost 3.1 pounds! I'm so excited. I was really trying to be so good this past holiday season with my portion control and eating only when I was hungry and trying to limit all the sweets and less healthy foods, so you could imagine my great pleasure to find that it worked well in my favor. I also lowered my BMI by one whole point, as well!

After doing the body test, it calculated my Wii Fit age and I LOVED the result! Normally, I am in the upper 40's. Last Saturday, I was 30!! And I'm going to be 32 next Sunday! Is that the coolest, best late Christmas present, early birthday present ever?? Now, I just need to keep it up and continue to lose weight. I reset my goals last Sunday. My new goal is to lose another six pounds and lower my BMI one more point by January 29th. I CAN DO IT! And, I WILL DO IT!

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