Movie Weekend

By Trisha
It was a rather busy week as we prepare for Thanksgiving and guests to arrive-planning menu's, tracking down recipes, grocery shopping and more grocery shopping for the items I forgot and cleaning. This week, I will be busy with decorating the house and starting a little early on the baking and entertaining guests, but I'm looking forward to it as I will be seeing my cousin, Sharon. We haven't seen each other for 20 years and I finally get to meet her two daughter Cassy and Haley.

Friday afternoon, I went to see New Moon at the theatre. They did a great job on the movie and I'm glad it is following the books closely. However, like the book, the movie was a little slow. Plus, I'm an Edward supporter, even though I love Jacob too, but you got me bought into the vampire thing but now you want to buy into the werewolf thing. Then, I just had trouble with love triangle, I do enjoy the stories and I have come to love all the characters. It just took me a little longer to buy into this part of the story, but the book and the movie were great!

We were supposed to go to the drive-in Friday night to see New Moon but the weather turned and it rained, so Jarom took me to see it at the theatre again, for the 10:10pm show. Jarom said he'd see it with me but after I had already bought my afternoon ticket online, so I saw it twice.

Saturday evening, Jarom took me to the drive-in, as the weather was much better and a little bit warmer. It was still cold and we had to use blankets, but it wasn't rainy. Jarom and I stopped by Wendy's and picked up some dinner to eat once we got there. We picked up some snacks at Safeway too, but had to get some hot cocoa at the drive-in during intermission. We saw The Blind Side and The Box.

I didn't really like the idea of The Box. I didn't care to see, but we were there so I figured we might as well stay and watch it. Neither one of us liked it. Jarom was bored through the entire thing. I not only had trouble with the premise of the movie but as we watched it noticing that only women were presented with this particular decision-no men were presented with it. I don't recommend it.

The Blind Side was the other movie and we both really loved it! There were some times when we got a little teary-eyed, but we laughed quite a bit too. Sandra Bullock is a bulldog and she is really awesome in this movie! Mr. Tim McGraw is almost un-noticeable without his beard and mustache. I think this movie is a MUST SEE and it definitely one that we are going to have to have on DVD when it comes out!

Our other minor activities this weekend were mowing the grass, laundry, watching some of the Christmas movies on television and just relaxing and enjoying each other's company.

October Avtivities

By Trisha
We had a busy October and I have fallen behind once again. I've been trying to be a better housekeeper. I do well for a time and then I slack off and I'm trying not to slack off anymore.

The weather is turning cooler but the sun arrives each morning and it does get a little warm in the house, still. However, this last week we have enjoyed our pellet stove in the evening. Gus seems to be enjoying it too. He just plops right down on his bed and falls asleep as the warm air blows down on him. He is not a fan of the cold-my little sun worshipper. In the mronings he finds a little patch of sun that is streaming through a window and just lays there.

We went to the pumpkin patch last month, but because of the storm we had the week before we did not get to enjoy the fun of the corn maze. It was more than a disappointment. It was a short trip. We went in, picked our pumpkins, paid for them and were gone.

We had the Dane Cook show on the 24th with Robert Kelly opening. Robert was hilarious! Dane was good too, but this particular show isn't my favorite one. There are just too much sex commentary and I didn't find it all that funny. Luckily there is stuff in the show that is not on the album and it made it better. Before the show, there were people going around exchaning regular tickets for front row tickets-a couple was chosen directly behind us. It was kind of a bummer. When Dane came out, he took off his hoodie and through it into the crowd. At the end, he left the arena and came back out about 5 minutes later for another 20 minutes. It was a good show-traffic sucked getting out, though. Jarom and I picked out a beenie for Jenna, Jarom got a long sleeved shirt and I got a sweatshirt.

My Dad and Mom were in Santa Cruz this same weekend for a wedding. I decided to drive down Sunday morning for a short visit and stayed until Monday afternoon when they left for the airport. It was a nice little visit.

The following and last weekend was Halloween and we were back to Santa Cruz. I had a blast. Uncle Dustin and Aunt Tracy's house looked great for the party in daylight and even better at dark. I made a taffy apple salad that tasted like a candied apple, but not much was eaten. I think a lot of people thought it was potato salad-I had a feeling I should have had a little sign telling people what it was. I also make Yummy Mummy Calzones-one veggie and one with turkey pepperoni-they were devoured. Both recipes came out of a Halloween cookbook I have that I have misplaced somewhere-I wanted to put the recipes on my food blog and make the apple salad for Thanksgiving, too.

Coley and Victor were Mario and Luigi. Aunt Teresa and Uncle Paylor were Vikings. Uncel Dustin and Aunt Tracy were a dead bride and groom. Jenna a Pirate, Jarom was Casanove and I was the crazy cat lady. In the costume contest, Coley won third place, Aunt Tracy 2nd and Uncle Paylor 3rd.

Last weekend, Jarom and I moved Jenna back to Prineville. We left Friday morning. I didn't sleep at all Thursday. I was up cleaning and then cooking dinner and baking cookies. I made Oatmeal Cranberry, Chocolate Chip and Iced Pumpkin. I packed up some for us to snack on on the ride as well as a couple containers for the family. We left as 6am and rolled into town just after 2:30pm. There weren't any plans for the weekend so it was nice and relaxing...well until we tried to come home Sunday.

We had a nice little breakfast Sunday and then packed up the truck before heading out. We got to Powell Butte and before I knew it we were pulled over and Jarom was disappearing behind the truck. I went to check on his and the poor guy was tossin' his we turned around and went back. He was still tired and not feeling too good but we left Monday, anyway.

We his snow in Bend and it was present all the way to the border. Since I was driving, I was a bit nervous. Having a new truck, I didn't know how it handled in the snow and learning how to use the four wheel drive. It isn't exactly my little all-wheel drive Subaru. All was fine, but it was a long drive.

This week, we have just been trying to get well after this little flu bug. This weekend has been very lowkey and relaxing.