Den's Welcome Home Party

By Trisha

Paul & Oriana's Wedding in Oregon

By Trisha

Brycen & Kylie's Wedding in Utah

By Trisha
Hillary, Coley & Me

Coley & Tori-Tori got frosting on Coley's Nose

Our Family (And this is only about half of us)

Coley & Me

Whitney, Ada (our newest cousin) & Coley

Coley, Emily & Me (on a mission for some flowers and headpiece for Tori)


First Hug As Husband & Wife

Little Johnathen with my Mom & Dad

Tori, the beautiful flower girl

The G Crew


Busy Summer Right Into A Busy Fall & Winter

By Trisha
I'm sorry to all our friends and family that regularly read our blog, for not being very good at keeping this up-to-date. It has been a busy summer, as I said before in my last entry with weddings and making wedding gifts. It has been a good season for our family-full of weddings and engagements-lots of happy times. I'm still working on wedding gifts-I have fallen behind on completing them and getting them out. Today, was Chad and Kylie's wedding in the Salt Lake Temple. I had hoped to go but with others things going on, I just couldn't make it. We have one more wedding in December, but not only do I have that wedding gift to do, but I have four others to do. I thin I've fallen behind because I've gotten a little burned out with all the gift making, but I'm back up and working to get them done.

Once I get the last five wedding gifts completed, I have Christmas to get going on and I need to get busy. I have been burning a slide show to DVD for my family from my Grandpa's funeral last year. I know-it has taken me a long time to get them burned and ready to go out. I've also been working on a family calendar and address book. With all the weddings and new family additions, it is time to get everyone updated. I have 27 to make and mail by the year's end. I'm plan to make our Christmas card this year, too, and I plan for it to be a stitched card. Finally, I have to decide what to do for Christmas gifts this year. I have ideas, but I haven't sat and drawn everything out and made a plan.

As if I don't have enough I'm trying to get done, but I'm still looking for a job. I spend a couple hours each day looking and applying for jobs. I don't know if I'm applying for jobs I'm overqualified for or if I'm under qualified or if employers are weary because I haven't worked for two years. I know the market is still tight, but I haven't even received a call, just emails that my resume/application has been received. I've also picked up my studying for the CBEST too. Teaching is my dream and I need to just go for it. I won't ever be really happy working if I don't do what I love and teaching is what I love.

That is about it, other than hanging out with the neighbors on the weekends out front while the kids play in the cul-de-sac. Now, stay tuned for pictures from some of summer's biggest events for our family.