Another Blustery Week

By Trisha
The last cuple weeks I seem to be fighting a flu. Just when start to feel better, I feel awful again. Vomiting and diahhrea have never been fun and day after day just wear you down.

Then at night when it's time for bed, I'm restless. It's just like having restless leg syndrome and restless arm syndrome...if there is such a thing for arms.

This weekend, we haven't done much with me not feeling well. But, last weekend, we went shooting with Mike. It was just a few hours in the morning but the drive takes an hour or so. I forget how far Beale is now that we don't live in the country anymore. A few hours turns into half a day. I did enjoy myself, though. I shot Jarom's new Savage and Mike's Sig Sauer. The Sig has quite a kic but I wanted to give it a try and compare it to Jarom's Ruger. The Savage was fun to shoot, too.

The dogs have been peeing on the carpet the last couple weeks. I can't figure out what has gotten into them. They aren't letting us know they have to go like they normally to. I don't know if it is just laziness, cold weather or what, but it is really starting to upset both Jarom and I. We have been kicking them outside every couple of hours now, just to try and combat this little problem. On another note, they just love the pellet stove and laying in front of it.

Jarom is starting to move things his office stuff out of the extra bedroom for Jenna. She will be here the weekend of May 1st. Jerry and Carla will follow her down and help her get settles in. SHe mailed off her paperwork to Consumnes CC last week. Now, we just need to get residency established for her.

It has been a very boring and uneventful week.